MBTI: The Strongest of Them All


Been thinking on this one for a while now. Every time a power hungry character is to be typed, types with heavy Te come to mind. But if the character has/gets too much power, it’s possible for them to become impossible to type.

Take Lucy for example. Of the movie, uh, Lucy. Though she starts off a party girl (Presumably ESFP of course), the more her entire brain is being put to use (Bwahahaha) the less you could say she retains her personality because she’s becoming a living computer. By the end, you wouldn’t say she’s INTJ or something because she didn’t evolve into a better type, she transcended type all together.

Well, that’s not what the following is. The following is a collection of types and characters that are the most powerful yet still retain their personalities. Better yet, their powers are actually a great representation of their powers. Hold onto your butts.

The abilities list is taken from Comicvine.com. If you can click on the character’s name, I’ve typed them outside of this post and you can check out their profile.

Guardians (SJ)

ESFJ- Starfire (DC comics)


Abilities include: Astral Projection/Berserker Strength/Blast Power/Flight/Intellect/Invulnerability/Omni-lingual/Stamina/Super Sight/Super Strength/Unarmed Combat/Willpower-Based Constructs

Whether you’re familiar with the original run of the character, the New 52, or any version of the Teen Titans, you get a character whose personality is nothing if not for her connection to her homeworld. In certain versions she’s painted as a near lifeless sex doll it seems, in the animated series’ she’s more of a naive (but strong) child, Starfire is still, like the ESFJ, what keeps the team together. Her way of looking past certain earth traditions might make ESFJ come to mind last but when you realize it’s because she’s being true to her own planet’s ways then it all makes sense again.

Starfire is classified in DC as at least having “class-100” strength which puts her in the same category as Donna Troy herself. Think Wonder Woman. And though her physical abilities don’t seem as ESFJ as say, Star Sapphire, whose power is actually fueled by love, Starfire’s ability to keep the team together while keeping the tradition of her own people alive.

ISFJ- The Sentry (Marvel comics)


Abilities include: Berserker Strength/Blast Power/Earth Manipulation/Energy Absorption/Energy Manipulation/Flight/Healing/Heat Vision/Immortal/Invulnerability/Light Projection/Longevity/Psionic/Reality/Manipulation/Shape Shifter/Stamina/Super Senses, speed, strength/Telekinesis/Telepathy

Imagine Superman. Now imagine Superman has a  murderous split personality he’s afraid will get out and kill everyone he loves. Now you know the Sentry. While Colossus was the first ISFJ to come to mind, whose metal skin protects himself and the ones he loves, the Sentry not only has “the power of one million exploding suns!” but is also a good representation of how devastating the ISFJ at uh, close range.

The Sentry’s other personality is as powerful if not more so and is known as “The Void.” Like the ISFJ, whose first function is Si and their auxiliary is Fe, you’ll see two different sides to this type from when you first meet them, to those who know them long enough to see their other side come out.

We don’t need to go into their darker side but ooh, buddy. You know it when you’re experiencing it. It breaks out when they feel their world has been violated, the same as the Void does when something happens to a loved one of the Sentry’s alter ego, Robert Reynolds.

ESTJ- THRAGG (Image comics, Invincible)


Abilities include: Berserker Strength/Flight/Healing/Invulnerability/Longevity/Stamina/Super Speed/Super/Strength/Unarmed Combat

Formerly the “Grand Regent” of the Viltrumite Empire, Thragg is quite possibly the strongest in the entire Invincible universe. Honestly, his “short” list of abilities doesn’t do him justice. Remember that last article where I spent half the article talking about how awesome Dinosaurus was? Well, click this to see what Thragg did to him by literally just standing there. You don’t get to be the leader of the Viltrumite Empire by being a Nancy-boy.

Thragg’s ESTJ ways are shown through his iron fist and dedication to the race of his people with a thought to little else. But unlike the ISTJ, the ESTJ calls the shots and doesn’t mind going from a still position to a human volcano in a matter of seconds to get their point across. Te calls the shots and Si is what motivates their goal.

Currently, Thragg is locked in a seemingly endless fight with the vicious “Battlebeast” in a struggle for Battlebeast to prove to himself and his people that he is the universe’s greatest warrior. He attempts to prove this by fighting none other than Thragg, who has also been busy impregnating the females of that particular planet in an effort to ensure the survival of his near invulnerable, but rare species. The mustache is key.

Think Man of Steel’s Zod leading a bunch of space Spartans.

ISTJ- Gladiator (Marvel comics, X-Men)


Abilities Include: Berserker Strength/Blast Power/Flight/Healing/Heat Vision/Ice Breath/Immortal/Intellect/Invulnerability/Longevity/Marksmanship/Stamina/Super Hearing/Super Sight/Super Smell/Super Speed/Super Strength/Unarmed Combat/Wind Bursts

Like Thragg, what this guy is able to do isn’t done justice by his list of powers. Royal guard to the Shi’ar Empire, Gladiator lives to serve his people’s queen. And there couldn’t be a better candidate. If the Sentry is crazy superman, Gladiator is guard dog Superman…with a giant Mohawk.

Like the ISTJ, you get undertones of hot and cold just bubbling on the surface with this guy. While the ESTJ is black and white all the time, the ISTJ’s moods are just beneath their skin; happiness is shown in an awkward smile while annoyance and aggravation can be seen in slightly tense or jerky movements. Their Si guides them as to how they feel about the outside world. When Gladiator shows up, the X-Men all need to be present. This meeting will either be quick and painless or everybody is going to feel his wrath. The only way he’s stopped is either because of his own accord (He’s beaten everybody into submission and half the school is destroyed) or…get this…he’s made to feel like crap.

I’m not kidding. His powers increase or decrease depending on his level of confidence. Now you know how Superman would be as a bodyguard. Don’t bother trying to punch him, just tell yo mama jokes. They’ve got to be good though. Like Yomamageddon good.

Artisans (SP)

ESFP- Goku (The Dragonball franchise)


Abilities include: Adaptive/Agility/Attractive Male/Berserker Strength/Blast Power/Divine Powers/Duplication/Energy Absorption/Energy Based Constructs/Energy Manipulation/Energy Shield/Energy-Enhanced Strike/Escape Artist/Feral/Flight/Force Field/Healing/Immortal/Intellect/Invulnerability/Leadership/Levitation/Light Projection/Longevity/Marksmanship/Power Item/Power Mimicry/Psychic/Radar Sense/Stamina/Stealth/Super Eating/Super Speed/Super Strength/Telekinesis/Telepathy/Teleport/Tracking/Unarmed Combat/Wall Clinger/Weapon Master

Hoo! Can you handle this guy? A great guy and a terrible father, few characters are strong enough to handle themselves with Superman and even fewer are likely to do away with Superman’s one weakness in order to get the best fight they can out of him, like in this Death Battle, which isn’t canon, but hey, it’s fitting all the same. I had to stop looking for pictures of Goku’s most powerful form because it seems as though there is no most powerful form, just the most current version which will be done away with by the next time Goku powers up.

Fitting perfectly into the ESFP hero trope, Goku is a true Se/Fi user in that his goal is…well, what is his goal? He wants to be the best in his trade (beating the crap out of people) and he definitely enjoys his “creature comforts” as ESFPs are known to love. He doesn’t have a drive to save the world or destroy it (regardless of what he’s supposed to do) though he ends up doing the former and was originally meant to perform the latter.

Interesting thing about Goku is that he was originally based in part on the Monkey King from the Chinese tale “Journey into the West” which explains his tail in the beginning of the series, which fits ESFP more so than most other types. They’re just looking for a good time. On top of that, Goku’s abilities really stem from how he’s feeling at the time which goes in line with the ESFP’s level of energy that only seems to decrease when they feel responsibilities weighing down on them.

ISFP- Witchblade/Sara Pezzini (Image comics)


Abilities include: Agility/Blast Power/Claws/Divine Powers/Flight/Healing/Intellect/Magic/Necromancy/Super Sight/Super Strength/Swordsmanship/Unarmed Combat/Wall Clinger/Weapon Master

At this point I’m convinced that any ISFP in the action-related genres will have a weapon that defines their personality. From bows and arrows to katanas, to making their own weapons and now the Witchblade. Similar to The Darkness (Which the Witchblade was partly made from) or even Spawn’s symbiote suit (Wonder where MacFarlane originally had that idea…), the Witchblade’s user doesn’t have the power until the living weapon itself attaches itself to them. From there, they’re nearly unstoppable.

ISFP’s aren’t really violent or aggressive in real life though there are always exceptions. Even still, it seems any weapon they would have would need to be something as personal as an ancient thing that wants the user as much as the user wants it. A gun? Psh, too common and savage. But the “primal offspring” of good and evil? And all they have to do is something as natural as wearing it? Sign them up. If they tell you they wouldn’t wear it, they’re lying. ISFPs will wear anything.

Okay not anything. But a metal gauntlet that can shrink down to a watch on your wrist seems simple enough and worth wielding such a power. Not to mention, it can sense danger and even naturally heal the wearer if they’re harmed. Come to think of it, Lara Croft also wore it for a time to save its most famous user, NYPD cop Sara Pezzini who I have not yet mentioned in this entire entry. Sorry, but the power of the Witchblade overtook me.

ESTP- LOBO (DC comics)


Abilities include: Agility/Berserker Strength/Dimensional Manipulation/Gadgets/Healing/Immortal/Intellect/Invulnerability/Marksmanship/Omni-lingual/Stamina/Super Smell/Super Speed/Super Strength/Tracking/Unarmed Combat/Weapon Master

The Ultimate Bastich, ya can’t talk about yer Main Man without using the same terminology as him. The last Czarnian was originally intended to be a parody of Wolverine and ended up with a space motorcycle, chalky white skin, and a similar speaking style as the ol’ Canuckle Head, and a white bulldog known as…Dawg. Just look at Lobo’s name to draw parallels to Wolverine.

But that didn’t stop him from taking off and Lobo became a favorite of the 90s (and also of Stan Lee, as far as DC goes). How does Lobo exemplify the ESTP? Look at him! If he were better known, he’d probably replace Ghost Rider as the number one character tattooed on a biker’s arms. He killed his entire homeplanet at the age of seventeen and loves his job as an intergalactic bounty hunter because he’s paid to hunt. That’s whatcha call Se. But it’s not done in as chaotic a manner as one might think. Okay, it is, but there’s a logic behind him catching (or killing) his target as the ESTP’s auxiliary Ti would dictate.

And while Lobo can heal like Wolverine, for most foes he doesn’t even need to with his because he’s got the ability of invulnerability. So that means he can fly his space bike around exactly where it’s meant to go without being harmed. And c’mon- if you can do that, what weaknesses do you really have? The cigar-chompin’, paycheck collectin’, crude anti-hero (I use “hero” very loosely) is a fan favorite no matter what he does and fits perfectly as possibly the strongest of all ESTPs. Did I mention he can lift over 100 tons?

ISTP- Spawn/Al Simmons (Image comics)


Abilities include: Adaptive/Agility/Animation/Berserker Strength/Blast Power/Chameleon/Claws/Cosmic Awareness/Danger Sense/Darkforce Manipulation/Darkness Manipulation/Density Control/Divine Powers/Emotion Control/Empathy/Energy Absorption/Energy Manipulation/Energy-Enhanced Strike/Enhance Mutation/Escape Artist/Feral/Flight/Healing/Hellfire Control/Hypnosis/Illusion Casting/Immortal/Intellect/Invulnerability/Magic/Marksmanship/Necromancy/Omni-lingual/Penance Stare/Phasing/Power Item/Power Suit/Psychic/Sense Death/Shadowmeld/Shape Shifter/Soul Absorption/Stamina/Stealth/Super Speed/Super Strength/Swordsmanship/Telepathy/Teleport/Tracking/Unarmed Combat/Voice-induced Manipulation/Weapon Master/Willpower-Based Constructs

HOLY CRAP LOOK AT THAT LIST OF ABILITIES. This is what you call “cheating.” If a guy’s list of abilities is annoying to copy and paste, you’ve got yourself a character that’s been around too long with too few writers to keep him limited. Spawn is Todd MacFarlane’s li’l baby boy so it’s no wonder Spawn has literally put God and Satan in a corner, reigned as what would effectively be God, then went back to being a hellspawn. Yes, it’s continuity. Look it up, playa. That’s too much power for me, but we all know ISTPs are secretly power hungry. Just kidding…or am I?

What makes Spawn typable as ISTP? How can be typed if he has that much power? Aside from being a black ops mercenary before his new afterlife, Spawn actually stills prefers guns over his hellpowers as using his powers drains him and could even kill him. So using what he knew in his former life is still key to his character. The ISTP will generally play some sort of underdog even as an immortal because it’s in their nature to bite off more than they can chew and Spawn bites things like Satan. Or whatever they’re calling some version of him in the comics.

Ti still breaks things down for Spawn while Se motivates his thoughts, driving him to cleverly break down bigger enemies’ weaknesses often times without using much of his actual powers and using more of his earthly weapons. Spawn has taken so many forms over the years it’s tough to keep up with but he’ll always go back to his little paradise in hobo alley to protect the weak with vicious brutality.

Idealist (NF)

ENFP- The Genie (Disney’s Aladdin)


Abilities include: Animation/Blast Power/Chameleon/Cosmic Awareness/Divine Powers/Duplication/Elasticity/Electricity Control/Escape Artist/Fire Control/Flame Breath/Flight/Gravity control/Healing/Ice Breath/Ice Control/Illusion Casting/Intellect/Magic/Magnetism/Omni-lingual/Phasing/Psychic/Reality Manpulation/Shape Shifter/Size Manipulation/Sub-Mariner/Super Hearing/Super Speed/Super Strength/Telekinesis/Teleport/Tracking/Weather Control/Wind Bursts

No complaints or even making fun of this one people. I don’t care if he’s in a Disney movie, the Genie is one of the most powerful characters to ever come into existence. Though he’s bound by the user of the lamp, there’s nothing he can’t make happen.

“PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER….Itty-bitty living space.”

It’s a lot like the superball of a personality, the ENFP, whose imagination knows no bounds yet their love of people is what keeps them chained to the ground. If it weren’t for Sir Isaac Newton discovering gravity, they would probably levitate off the ground. It’s easy to see any genie, much less the Genie, as an ENFP who can do anything they want yet remain, in some form, a servant of the people. Not to mention, he wants his freedom more than anything despite having cosmic awareness.

“What’s cosmic awareness” you ask? Remember when Aladdin escaped the Cave of Wonders and they found that oasis in the desert? Not only was the Genie tricked into getting Aladdin out without Aladdin having to make a wish (An example of ENFPs getting ahead of themselves), all of the Genies modern day pop culture references as well as the moment he turns Abu, Aladdin’s monkey into a car for just a second demonstrates the Genie’s ability “to perceive and understand the workings of the universe on a cosmic level.” as the DC wiki puts it.

Just imagine what this guy would have to have going on in his head for him to flippantly bring up an invention that wouldn’t be created for another couple millennia or so.

INFP- Scarlet Witch (Marvel comics)


Abilities include: Astral Projection/Blast Power/Flight/Force Field/Illusion Casting/Intellect/Leadership/Levitation/Longevity/Magic/Necromancy/Probability Manipulation/Psionic/Reality Manpulation/Unarmed Combat/Willpower-Based Constructs

One might think the most powerful INFP would be something more than a mere mutant but shut up, I’ve only got so many characters on hand. Wanda Maximoff, the daughter of Magneto, is a character that, in the wrong hands, can be the worst to read about. But once a talented writer gets his turn, Wanda turns the entire Marvel universe upside down. While her father’s ability to manipulate the earth’s magnetic field is powerful in itself, Scarlet Witch ups the ante by manipulating reality itself.

Like a true INFP and their abilities in creative fields, Scarlet’s abilities are difficult to explain in a sense. From bringing the dead to life to conceiving twin boys with an android (Yep!), there’s nothing that’s really out of her depth. Her biggest weakness is her own loose grip on reality and I don’t need to tell you how that relates to the INFP. As cool as super speed is (Her brother Quicksilver’s power), it looks majorly weak in comparison to Wanda’s power of practically living out in reality what we can only do in dreams.

God help the Marvel universe on her bad days. Hawkeye died twice because of it!

ENFJ- Apollo (Greek Mythology)


Abilities include: Agility/Animal Control/Attractive Male/Divine Powers/Healing/Heat Generation/Immortal/Invulnerability/Light Projection/Marksmanship/Precognition/Shape Shifter/Stamina/Super Sight/Super Strength/Swordsmanship/Telekinesis/Weapon Master/Weather Control plus like, he’s a god.

Though several companies have written stories for him, you know who this guy is even if you don’t think you do. He’s a god. C’mon. The son of uber god Zeus and [Jared] Leto, Apollo is also known as the god of light and music as well as the sun itself. If that isnt’ ENFJ, I don’t know what is.

While they share much in common with the INFJ and ESFJ, the ENFJ combines the best of both worlds (Developed ones anyway) in that they want to take care of those around them by using the most effective interpersonal means. So they’re better with people than the ENFJ on average and they know how to work past differences better than the ESFJ. No wonder people like Apollo. Unlike his daddy Zeus, who is pretty much a dickhead. Fe and Ni will take of you, don’t worry about a thang.

Apollo was also known for being a healer as well as a bringer of disease. Though this is a glass half full/empty situation because he was mostly praised for bringing the healing to the diseases he also caused. There’s a huge mess in stories when it comes to Greek myth even more so than in comics, which Apollo is also a part of. Rest assured, the undying god who represents so many things people love has got to be put at the top of the ENFJ’s most powerful.

INFJ- Silver Surfer (Marvel comics)


Abilities include: Blast Power/Cosmic Awareness/Empathy/Energy Absorption/Energy Manipulation/Energy-Enhanced Strike/Flight/Healing/Illusion Casting/Invulnerability/Longevity/Phasing / Ghost/Power Item/Precognition/Shape Shifter/Stamina/Super Sight/Super Speed/Super Strength/Telekinesis/Telepathy/Teleport/Time Travel/Unarmed Combat

One of the few on this list to have already been typed, the Silver Surfer, or rather Norrin Radd’s personality is still the quiet yet powerful force that is (or was) the herald of Galactus. And if you’re in that position, you’re imbued with the power cosmic, which ain’t nothin’ to play with.

Yet like an INFJ, he coudn’t just do his job and stand aside as an entire planet of people would be eaten by his master and he rebelled. Sure, INFJs come off like ISFJs on the surface but if the job leaves them unfulfilled, they’re not going to keep doing it for the sake of safety and security. While Radd took his position for Galactus to save his own people, he was still willing to sacrifice everything to do what he believed was the right thing.

Traveling faster than light through space on a vessel literally nobody else in any comic book universes uses (Good on you, Stan and Jack), the Surfer is a character as unique as the INFJ is in real life. While I’m tired of using the same adjectives over and over to describe certain types, some words are too fitting to not associate with particular types and the INFJ may be quiet, but they still stand out. Also, now think about that ability for a second before you go to the next entry (and you better read the next entries, don’t just look for your type and be done)- this guy travels faster than light. On a surfboard. In space.

It doesn’t get much cooler than that. Yet for all the things he’s done and seen, he still gives a crap about his own humanity and others as well. Something we can’t say for the very last entry.

Rational (NT)

ENTJ- Lucifer (Paradise Lost)


Abilities include: Adaptive/Agility/Animation/Astral Projection/Berserker Strength/Blast Power/Blood Control/Darkforce Manipulation/Darkness Manipulation/Death Touch/Dimensional Manipulation/Divine Powers/Duplication/Electricity Control/Empathy/Energy-Enhanced Strike/Feral/Fire Control/Flight/Force Field/Genetic Manipulation/Gravity control/Healing/Ice Control/Illusion Casting/Immortal/Insanely Rich/Intellect/Invisibility/Invulnerability/Leadership/Light Projection/Magic/Matter Absorption/Necromancy/Phasing/Psionic/Psychic/Radar Sense/Shadowmeld/Shape Shifter/Siphon Abilities/Size Manipulation/Stamina/Super Strength/Telekinesis/Telepathy/Teleport/Tracking/Unarmed Combat/Voice-induced Manipulation/Weather Control plus like, he’s the prince of darkness

On the flip side of the oh-so-lovely ENFJ and their godliness is the ENTJ and their Satanism. Or rather, the dark one himself. We’re not talking about the actual biblical Satan but the one the literary world came to know through John Milton’s Paradise Lost; the story that actually puts Lucifer in the role of anti-hero. Still, even if we’re not speaking in comic book type powers, Lucifer has got a lot of abilities going on, not that you’d need to read the entire thing to know it. His abilities are pretty much accepted throughout all types of fiction.

When you see him in a movie, read about him in a book, etc., we all feel like we’ve got a pretty good idea of his abilities. Shape shifting, silver tongue; the former angel of light has got to have something to back up his clout, especially if he convinced a third of God’s angels with him.

As I’ll mention with the next entry as well, not all ENTJs are evil but in fiction you’ll mostly see it that way. Dey love dat power tho. The difference of course, between the ENTJ and ENFJ, is that the ENFJ’s dominant Fe will generally have them really caring about the people they inspire in what will no doubt be a humanity-minded goal. The ENTJ on the other hand, doesn’t necessarily have anything in mind but the goal itself and that will often have them running over or using others to get what they want. You’ve gotta hand it to Lucifer, the guy knows how to corrupt! Okay, don’t hand it to Lucifer, he’ll probably get you damned.

INTJ- Cassandra Nova (Marvel comics, New X-Men)


Abilities include: Astral Projection/Blast Power/Blood Control/Emotion Control/Energy Shield/Enhance Mutation/Force Field/Genetic Manipulation/Healing/Hypnosis/Illusion Casting/Intellect/Leadership/Levitation/Phasing/Possession/Psionic/Psychic/Shape Shifter/Telekinesis/Telepathy/Voice-induced Manipulation/Willpower-Based Constructs

Who did you expect? The milkman? Bad joke, bad joke. Is you’re not familiar with Cassandra Nova, get acquainted. Or rather, don’t, as the INTJ would have it. The twin sister of goody two-shoes Professor Charles Xavier, Nova was bad from the start. She even tried to strangle Charles in the womb with their umbilical chord. Barely two issues into her debut and she copied the DNA of a relative of Bolivar Trask (The creator of the mutant-killing sentinels) so she could control the sentinels herself and commit mass genocide.

And it worked! Sixteen million mutants dead with a wave of her hand.

It’s only fitting that the most powerful INTJ’s abilities would be mental. In fact, killing Cassandra’s body really means she just goes into a new one as she lived within her twin Charles’ body for most of her life. Grant Morrison, you are one creepily amazing writer.

While many typists online are obsessed with painting the “master image” of an INTJ, I’m more into what I’ve experienced in my own life with INTJs and I’m even able to (mostly) block out the horrible online persona so many self-proclaimed INTJs are trying to give themselves. The image I have is one of quiet determination in the few things they choose to pursue, direct criticism, and a strangeness about them that they can’t escape no matter how normal they think they are.

Not all INTJs are evil, which I’m sick of saying at this point, but the best ones in fiction, aside from Batman, will be. The Ni creates a long-range baddie with Te that has them going straight for what they want by using whatever’s available to them. And as you can see, the Phoenix Force was available at some point.

ENTP- The Mask (Dark Horse comics)


Abilities include: Agility/Animation/Berserker Strength/Blast Power/Cosmic Awareness/Danger Sense/Elasticity/Escape Artist/Flight/Gadgets/Healing/Heat Vision/Illusion Casting/Immortal/Intellect/Invulnerability/Longevity/Magic/Marksmanship/Phasing/Power Item/Power Mimicry/Probability Manipulation/Reality Manpulation/Shape Shifter/Size Manipulation/Stamina/Stealth/Super Eating/Super Hearing/Super Speed/Super Strength/Teleport/Unarmed Combat/Voice-induced Manipulation/Weapon Master/Willpower-Based Constructs/Wind Bursts

For just a second, get Jim Carrey out of your head when you read this. Sure, the movie had it’s good points and ultimately, it wasn’t a half bad translation of the Dark Horse character. But while the movie opted for more Tex Avery antics that ended mostly in slapstick/Three Stooges-esque gags, the comics’ character is actually much more violent. And I do mean it. In the movie, someone getting smashed with a giant mallet may involve them getting smashed down like an accordion, stretching back into their full shape, dazed but unharmed. In the comics, well…let’s just say everything is a little less happy.

Now that you’ve got a handle on the character I’m talking about, the ENTP persona could be summed up with mask of Loki. No, not the Marvel comics Loki, but the one that guy was even based on. Why were people that wear Loki’s mask chosen over Loki for this? Mostly because Loki can’t really suffer consequences for his tricks that he plays on people and that takes the fun out of it for the ENTP while the wearer of the mask can still be harmed. It’s near impossible, but still possible. In fact, it’s so difficult to actually hurt the user, they actually put the wearer of the mask (known only as “Big Head” in his own universe) up against Lobo, our most powerful ESTP. What happened? Here’s a taste.

And as crazy as Big Head is, there’s still a method to the madness as per the usual ENTP way of operating. Even if you don’t care about the comic or the movie, the power behind this mask is something most people would have a hard time resisting (including Increased intelligence at the loss of sanity, inhibitions, and self-control), much like the Ne-driven thinker.

INTP- Doctor Manhattan (DC comics, Watchmen)


Abilities include: Adaptive/Blast Power/Density Control/Duplication/Energy Manipulation/Force Field/Healing/Immortal/Intellect/Invulnerability/Levitation/Longevity/Matter Absorption/Phasing/Postcognition/Precognition/Psionic/Size Manipulation/Stamina/Super Strength/Telekinesis/Teleport/Time Travel

You’ve read it. You’ve seen the movie. They’ve both really put you in the headspace of a guy who has so much power yet still retained some level of his humanity that it really does seem like to do anything is just the same as doing nothing. Holy schnikes what a mind trip.

While there’s no reason to delve into what makes Manhattan an INTP (Click his name above and you’ll see), Manhattan is a character like the Genie in a sense that has a universal understanding of everything and it’s really a matter what he chooses to follow through with. This character also shows us why INTPs need to stay in human form and refuse the offer to transcend into a computer if they were given the chance because knowing everything would probably just bore you. It’s the hunt of the information and the acquirement of knowledge that INTPs love and unfortunately for the world of Watchmen, Dr. Manhattan already knows everything.

But the ability to create and recreate matter in whatever form he chooses is definitely along the lines of what an INTP would be in superpowered form. INTPs don’t like have to coming to a close (very much unlike their NT brothers, the INTJ) and it the idea of being able to transform anything into something else would probably really excite them. Their dominant Ti deconstructs to see what’s possible with their aux. Ne seeing the possibilities for what’s been decided as possible.

So imagine what they would do if everything were possible. My own mind is reeling right now and my nose is bleeding all over my computer just thinking about what would happen.

Give me whoever I missed or who you would would have had in place as the most powerful character of whatever your type is.

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  1. fatalfuryguy Says:

    My dick> all these ppl

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    I’ve seen coming the ENTP as Mask.

  3. FlowenRain Says:

    This write up was beast, solid work. I have always found ComicVine funny for doing things like ABILITIES INCLUDE: “Attractive Male/Female”, lol. Also seeing Spawn represent my type put a smile on my face.

    • Taylor Says:

      Yeah, I actually went through and took those off, funny as they were. Coincidentally, they had SPAWN listed as an Attractive Male. Spawn? I’m thinking before he went all KFC maybe but his looks ain’t helping him now.

  4. Sairor Says:

    I don’t think power has anything to do with it, but shitty writing.

    • Taylor Says:

      True, but some characters are just bigger than that. Galactus or Godzilla or more entities or forces of nature than fleshed out personalities, maybe Lucy was just a bad example.

  5. Suvansh Says:

    Son Goku is an ENFP. Him being typed as an ESFP is a common misconception.

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    Can you please write a post or do a video about INTJ’s and how trauma at a young age affects their introverted feeling function? I’d love to hear your opinion on that.

  7. Galiathan64 Says:

    Goku is ENFP like the comment said above, he’s loves to fight because he loves martial arts and is driven by curiosity to fight strong opponents and test his strength, Ne. And he’s too scatterbrained and too easily distracted from his environment to be ESFP. Goku is a clear ENFP and uses intuition in his fights and can come up with new ideas on the fly and in the moment in an instant, Goku’s Ne is very apparent in the series if you pay attention to his character and what he does in the story.

  8. Galiathan64 Says:

    Forgot to mention in depth Goku is driven by his curiosity to fight opponents he never faced before, he’s interested in the unknown and what strong fighters are out there to test his strength against and to surpass his limits and make the impossible possible each time because he always sees a possibility to get stronger and improve no matter the odds, this is all Ne and Extroverted Intuition in Goku. Goku is ENFP definitely.


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