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MBTI: Light is an ENTJ

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I’m far from perfect when it comes to typing. When it comes to spelling errors, I’m king, but typing is way different even though I usually combine the two.

But some things, man, I just know. And one thing I know is that Light Yagami, of the show/comic Death Note is an ENTJ. I would think it petty to write an entire article arguing what many others don’t believe but I see it more as bringing up a different perspective. Sure, I’ve covered this before but it wasn’t enough. I love the show too much to not bring it up enough to annoy you. Continue reading

Roman Pearce is the only normal guy in the FF series.

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…Which should really tell you something about this series.

Not really being a fan of the Fast and Furious series, I’ve still somehow managed to watch them all over the years. Except Tokyo Drift because why would I.

One thing that gets to me about these movies is every character’s borderline narcoleptic reaction to the high-adrenaline situations they all regularly get placed in. With Tyrese’s character, Roman Pearce being the only one that seems to deal with the situations in the way a real human would be expected to act given the circumstances. Continue reading

MBTI: Atom Eve- ISFP

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With Invincible and Allen able to punch holes in any supervillain, giant meteor, planets, or anything else that would get in their way, Samantha Eve Wilkins and her abilities are a little more complex. Eve has the ability restructure matter through her thoughts. I had to look up how to explain that because while I’ve read every issue and been able to accept what she’s shown to do, wording it is a lot tougher.

Which isn’t that dissimilar to the ISFP themselves; easy to accept, difficult to understand. Fi is tricky. Continue reading

MBTI: Allen the Alien- ESFJ

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There are more prominent characters in Invincible but Allen is too cool and I haven’t done a full ESFJ post since November so chamon, let’s do this.

One thing you’ll notice since Allen’s first appearance is that he’s really nice. Not just, “Hmm, he seems like a nice guy” but more like he gets punched in the face and responds with a “Wow, you hit really hard!” Even in space, you can’t get away from them. Those ESFJs. They’re so nice I hate them. Continue reading