MBTI: Vision- INFJ


For all the characters claimed to be INFJ, this is what an actual INFJ hero looks like…in fiction of course. The living android has got a list of impressive powers but none are more impressive than a robot that seems to have more humanity in him than most characters in the Marvel universe, comics or film.

One thing about the INFJ is that they have a weird way of being able to blend in, yet never really blending in. Do you know what I mean? No? I’ll explain.

A character whose history can appear as confusing as the technology it would take to make him, Vision has gone through several different bodies and stages as it were; some writers keep him intact as though they’re writing for the original Vision while others write as if he is a new model entirely. So the Vision you get depends on the writer.

What doesn’t change is that the “synthezoid” is certainly in touch with his humanistic roots and his only real fear is that he might lose touch with it one day, his wires crossing (literally) or in some way not being able to process any more than the desire to function, if that. He don’t wanna just be sum dumb ol’ robot. The idea of not being able to experience the world in an emotional capacity gets to him and this is the biggest way he relates to an INFJ.

This is what the world does to the INFJ everyday

This is what the world does to the INFJ everyday

INFJs are Ni dominant and Fe auxiliary, meaning they’re long range people lovers. Again, I’ll elaborate. Ne (Extroverted Intuition) is the immediacy of the idea. They don’t want to sit still or plan far ahead, when they get an idea they either want to exhaust the possibilities (Which they see a lot of) or they want to drop it altogether. Ni on the other hand, is long range planning in a sense. While Ne users want to take in everything they can so as not to miss anything, Ni users are more intent on cutting out. If it doesn’t seem like it has much potential, they’ll dismiss it altogether.

With an INTJ this can come off as cold and rigid since their second function is Te (Extroverted Thinking). With an INFJ, this can appear much more somber and quiet, which is why they can easily be mistaken for ISFJs, specifically in more public scenarios. The INFJ isn’t simply interested in say, “fixing” your current problem; but more so getting down to the root of it so this issue is never an issue again. When you really dig down as deep as you can go, you get the weed at the root and pull. That’s how INFJs see it and it’s why they can feel like they love or hate humanity they way that they do.

Why? Because when you get to the root of the problem, you see how people react when faced with this harsh truth, it will tell you everything about them you need to know about them. It’s not always pretty.

Unlike Ultron, the robot that wants to destroy humanity as a means of saving it, Vision recognizes humans’ unrelenting desire to harm each other yet doesn’t look at them as needing to be done away with still, but taken care of in whatever way he can and the Avengers are a pretty good way of doing that.

But who LOVES humanity more? Hm?

But who LOVES humanity more? Hm?

As a multicolored android that even has the ability to cry, the INFJ themselves is also something of a paradox. They want to help a world they also feel the need to withdraw from, or they begin to hate people so much stemming from a desire to aid them in some way. Kind of like a frustrated mother who has to send their kid to bed early because, for whatever reason, the kid is just being a jerk. The mom doesn’t actually hate the kid but he just wasn’t going to listen. And the INFJ doesn’t actually hate humanity but why won’t they do better?! We’ve got to love each other!!!

Vision has always been a strange character to me. Yellow, green and red are odd colors for an outfit, he’s a feeling robot, and he always seemed to want to understand what people think more than they want to understand him. This could be attributed to all types really, as we shift in and out of not understanding why the selfish people on this rock won’t lift a finger to help their fellow man…to laughing at people that want to do something good. But it’s the INFJ who lives this way, trying to figure out the best way to achieve their goals while retaining their humanity.


7 Responses to “MBTI: Vision- INFJ”

  1. This is an excellent article. I’m always tempted to type characters as INFJ if I like them, which I know is a flawed approach. You really seem to understand us INFJs, despite you’re being an… INTP, right?
    I think your discussion of the Vision here is quite accurate as an INFJ. Great job.

    • Taylor Says:

      Hey, thanks. Yeah you’ve got to watch out for that thing in our brains that says since we can relate they must be our type.

      ENTP actually, but closer than most. I appreciate the comment.

    • I read this again, after seeing Age of Ultron for the third time (I keep taking people to see it so they have someone to see it with). For a while, I was convinced that Captain America was an INFJ – he has his strong values that he won’t compromise on (e.g., Captain America: The Winter Soldier), and thought maybe he just wasn’t fleshed out enough in the films. Nope – he’s an SJ type – straightforward, cut to the chase, save the innocent people.

      In the scene when the Vision is born, Captain America responds to Thor’s comment of the Life Stone being “on their side”, when he says “That is, if he is on our side. [Turns to Vision] Are you?”
      Vision responds with (more or less) “I don’t think it’s that simple.”

      BOOM! Vision is definitely an INFJ. He has a sharp sense of humour (which many are shocked to find in INFJs), and everything comes down to protecting life, the ultimate value.

      I keep seeing your typings and how true they are Taylor. And it’s not just fun to guess the types of characters, but quite insightful. We often watch films, read fiction, etc., to see ourselves in characters, and are excited to really relate to particular characters. Seeing what I share at my core with the Vision (and Professor Xavier, and even Superman) helps me understand how others see me, and what kind of person I may end up becoming.

      So thanks for your posts. They’re not only very fun and interesting, but truly insightful and conducive to personal growth and discovery.

      • Taylor Says:

        Man, three times in theaters? Somebody’s a fan. You must like this post too because you’ve commented on it twice now. But I’m complaining, it means a lot anybody is getting this much out of it. Keep reading, I’ll keep writing.

  2. Hi! I plugged this post on my MBTI tumblr, hope you don’t mind!

  3. I think a dead give away that vision is an infj is when he “says” to Ultron, “you’re afraid…” – That seems to be the infj empathic side coming out.

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