MBTI: MCU ENTJ Nick Fury Versus the Comics’ ESTP


…Or as I like to call them “night and day” and that’s because I’m so funny hahahahaha.

The Avengers films have really taken off and though they could have gotten one of many well known actors to take the role on (Hasselhoff notwithstanding), why not cast the guy his Ultimate counterpart was not only based on, but outright says a movie version of him should be played by Samuel L. Jackson?

And as great a reimagining as he is, we can’t leave original Nick Fury out either, can we? He’s got a great look, a lot of history and don’t take no guff. So what are the differences between the original Nick Fury and the one the world at large has grown accustomed to? They share a lot of similarities but the differences are vast.

So how is the comics’ Nick Fury ESTP?


For those of you unfamiliar with Nick Fury (and his Howlin’ Commandos), Nicky Fury had a squadron of men in WWII nicknamed his Howlin’ Commandos. There ya go.

Though his original appearances labeled him as an agent of SHIELD, he’s gone through various levels of authority within SHIELD, the government, United Nations and so on. He acts as an intermediate between different authorities and superheroes, while sort of being a superhero himself in many ways, though his missions tend to be more on the side of espionage than punching some armed thug in the face for robbing a bank.

This guy is all over the place too. After the reveal that his age has been slowed down thanks to the “Infinity Formula” and being nearly a hundred years old, there’s not many villains he hasn’t messed with and heroes he won’t do business with.

So makes him ESTP?

Rob Lifeld drawing him, that's what. LOOK AT THOSE EYES BABY

Rob Liefeld drawing him, that’s what. LOOK AT THAT TINY EYE BABY

ESTPs are known for their approach to the common man and their love of doing business with him, same as Fury. I’ve referred to the ESTP stereotype as a car salesman so many times I’m starting to wonder if I actually read it or made it up myself. It’s not that all ESTPs will say out loud how much they love people or hug you every time they see you, but they like a good get-together, especially if they’re at the center of it.

Nick Fury doesn’t show Se (Extroverted Sensing) just by dealing with a large cast of characters, but in the way that he constantly is dealing with them; giving orders while chomping a cigar, saying the right thing to the hero that’s down on his luck to give him the motivation he needs, and almost most importantly, he doesn’t mind mouthing off to whatever villain has shown their ugly mug in a way that makes you glad you’re not the villain’s mama.

Se acts in the moment, Ti breaks it down. You’re going to get a lot of ESTPs mistaken for dumb jocks or maybe the alpha male of the group, what have you; but anybody that knows them a little better is going to find they’ve actually got more to their thought process than what appears to come out. And think about it- Fury seems like the head of some trucking company and comes off like a regular guy in many ways. Yet he’s got clearance on an international level and there’s not anybody he doesn’t talk to. They may not like him, but everybody respects him. You may not like the jock you know but you’ve got to admit that in many cases, they’ve just got something about them people like.

Driving over New York in a flying car while shooting a Mindless One in the face is pretty likable.

Driving over New York in a flying car while shooting a Mindless One in the face is pretty likable.

One thing about ESTPs is that they’re not leaders like TJ types are. What TJ types have in common is their strong preference for Te (Extroverted Thinking) which in short, makes them want to tell people what to do. TP types, which all have Ti (Introverted Thinking) as a high preference function. It takes things apart to find out what the thing is really all about. So if the ESTP is into sports, sales, any other form of business or heck, just playing video games, the ESTP is sure to work furiously at jumping into action and attempting to take the object of interest apart as best it can to figure out what makes it tick and what they can do to tick for them.

Point ultimately being, Nick Fury’s type of leadership really comes from his way of doing things and knowing what needs to be done, which is what makes him move up and down in rank, and from organization to organization. It’s this over telling people what to do and doling out orders from a giant chair; he’s down with the people, fighting the good fight like the captain of the football team. He’s been demoted at times for going against direct orders to do what he thought he should, and status be damned! Once he’s in power, he can’t sit still and wants to be out in the field, in the action.

But enough about this honky.

So how is the MCU Nicky Fury ENTJ?


Just to be clear, since the MCU Fury is based on the 1610 Ultimate Fury and they did a pretty friggin’ accurate job by casting the man the reinvented character was modeled on, we can also say that the Ultimate Nick Fury is ENTJ as well. So let’s get into the “Why.”

1610 and MCU Fury both differentiate from 616 Fury in many ways aside from their look. Since the times they are a-changin’, Fury’s place as a spy from the 616 universe isn’t as modern and a little Cold War-ish. So Fury runs SHIELD itself as its director. In this positon, Fury takes on the role as the football coach that coaches the team to the superbowl, if the ESTP is the captain. If one is more important than the other, that would be up to you.

But it’s not just about the positions changing that determine a different type for different Furys, but the attitude as well. 616 Fury is gruff and scruffy. He’s got a permanent five o’clock shadow, an eye patch, greying temples and he’s always got a cigar. MCU Fury is…well…Samuel L. Jackson. He’s the man.


Usually found in the high floors of whatever building he’s in, overlooking the city, this is the Fury that gives out the orders for the Avengers to take. He can get his hands dirty if he needs to and he even seems to like doing it, but normally he’s the boss man.

In fact, what makes him the boss man is often times what separates him not only from his 616 counterpart but from the heroes he’s in charge of. As in the 1610 comics, MCU Fury is the director of some very powerful people, organizations, and other figures of influence. And you don’t hold power like this without having some dark secrets. While 616 Fury has a few skeletons in his closet, all 1610/MCU Fury need to do to make money is to pull out a single skeleton and sell it because the stuff he knows could bring down the modern world. And what little he doesn’t know only leaves a few people above him that do.

And in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we see what happens when some of those secrets get out. It’s not enough that he simply tell people what to do; every aspect of his job include independently working parts that all fall under the same roof. So he’s got secrets on top of secrets, these lies covering up those lies that cover up the truth. It could be stressful, but as Fury sees it, somebody’s got to do it.

This doesn’t exclude ESTP altogether does it? Well, when you look at what’s natural for an ESTP and what’s natural for an ENTJ, then all signs point to ENTJ. While the type isn’t going to be dishonest or secretive just because they’re ENTJ, they have a way of getting what they want out of people without giving all the facts. Because as far as facts are concerned, you really only need to know what they think you should know. In many an ENTJ mind, that’s not dishonesty because they weren’t lying- you just didn’t need to know.

"Oh, and screw you too, Iron Man."

“Oh, and screw you too, Iron Man.”

And if this is happening with the ENTJ you know, it’s not for the fun of it or to screw you over but more so because of a goal they’ve got in mind. ENTJs are all about planning and executing even if it just means little things throughout the day.

But unlike ESTJs, whose main goal will be to keep things steady and running smoothly (Like Captain America and his ideals of what America is or should be), ENTJs are more concerned with the bigger picture. They don’t just want power, they want all the power they can have. It’s what’s gotten them the reputation of being a bit too power hungry and cold.

While ESTPs are good leaders and can tell people what to do, it’s more natural for the ENTJ to do this. When they speak, they know how to get people to listen. MCU Fury has got constant plans in motion and just because somebody doesn’t like what he’s doing doesn’t mean he’s going to stop doing it or that Fury doesn’t still have everyone else on his side too, so what’s one Captain America throwing a fit over some lies he was told?

Look at the operations he's running! The man has GOT to have his secrets from us sheeple!

Look at the operations he’s running! The man has GOT to have his secrets from us sheeple!

So what you have is a difference between the charismatic guy that always feels like he’s the boss versus the guy that is the boss. While one is a field agent that will usually have a position of authority, the other is in a position of authority but occasionally acts as a field agent.

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