MBTI: Neon Genesis Evangelion’s EVAs


Spoilers ahead!

OMG WTF is this guy doing typing cartoon robots amirite? Normally I would have given up on anybody who relegated MBTI from helpful/fun tool to “Let’s type a washing machine! ESFJ!” But this is different, I swear.

Since I was on the subject of Ex Machina and borots (Robots for the layman), I figured I’d go ahead with the idea of typing some of the most insanely awesome inventions in all of fiction- the EVAs. And while I pondered whether or not you can type a fictional robot with Ultron as the main subject, fiction does have a tendency to blur humanity and the…in…humane? If Ultron can mimic a personality to resemble an ENTJ, the EVAs and their apparent “emotions” can appear similarly to real personalities as well. Not to mention, the EVAs have certain traits other fictional robots can’t really boast.

Let’s do this.


Forget the pilots, the EVAs are the real main characters of Neon Genesis anyway. If you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with them but here’s a quick layout of what the EVAs are all about and what they can do.

Evangelions, or EVAs are weapons built primarily to protect the futuristic Tokyo-3 from “Angels” or rather, monstrous giants bent on bringing about the end of the world. The unique aspect of EVAs that sets them apart from just some “giant robots in a cartoon” is that the EVAs are eventually revealed to be cut from the same cloth as the Angels themselves, specifically from the first and second Angel and that they’re not so much robots with a bit of the monsters in them, but rather monsters with a metallic structure designed to keep the monster in, as it were.

And it gets more complex still; as the pilots are children that control the EVAs through a liquid comprised partially of the Angels’ blood and is infused with the spirit of the childrens’ mothers that died during the second impact, aka the second time the Angels landed down and screwed everything up.



The prototypical EVA and the first successfully implemented design, this EVA has a single large eye and otherwise retains its mostly human features. Piloted by the first child Rei, who I’ve also typed as ISTJ, this EVA and its pilot seem to work well together for the most part and its given the least amount of backstory. It’s shown to be reliable in combat and is the most basic (albeit still advanced in overall design) of the EVAs.

It’s easy to see how this can related to ISTJ. I’ve previously described ISTJs as something akin to a template of humanity; with their goals, values, and general thought process as being something we all relate to and waver in the degree of execution. I don’t want to call them the most basic MBTI type, as you’ll meet ISTJs from all walks of life, yet their method of carrying out whatever they need to do will be done in the simplest way they can- “What does the book say? Did this come with a manual?” It’s not as though they’re a robot themselves but if you were to type a terminator or a machine built with a single purpose, the ISTJ is your type.

The EVA 00 is the first model to be fully operational and it does it job with nearly no flaws. And if you know a hardworking ISTJ, you’ll know that their only problem is not understanding whatever reason you might not be able to do yours.

Leave it to the ISTJ to do all the heavy lifting.

Leave it to the ISTJ to do all the heavy lifting.

Basic similar traits to the ISTJ: Does its job, most simplified design, the only screw-ups come from outside sources interfering with the EVA’s routine.



The only EVA to be made from the second Angel, Lillith, as opposed to EVA 00 and EVA 02 who were taken from Adam, EVA 01 is the “hero” EVA, the one piloted by main protagonist Shinji, who I’ve typed as INFP. Seeing as how Rei and her EVA work together quite well while Shinj and his EVA seem to have a lot of…communication problems, to say the least. I’ve typed EVA 01 as ISTP partly because he fits the ISTP hero trope by its way of taking down the baddies but in its own way that others don’t always agree with and goes to far at times. As in when it goes berserk in the original series and Rebuild.

On top of this, the ISTP is known for its rebellious ways and when Shinji and his EVA finally synch together perfectly, the EVA 01 goes so far as to heal itself, destroy the Angel’s AT Field and even creates a new arm for itself after the original was ripped off. How that relates to the ISTP somewhat fits into their reputation of having a berserk mode themselves, as their inferior Fe can be confusing for them to use at times and ends up in them lashing at their perceived oppressors.

It only seems right to type the EVA 01 as ISTP with an INFP pilot as the two hardly even seem to be on the same side; with Shinji not wanting to pilot it and the EVA hardly needing a pilot at all.


Basic similar traits to the ISTP: Goes along with plan yet rebels in the most violent way, action oriented as Se users usually are, more volatile than its INFP pilot.



Another EVA relatable to an Se user, I’ve typed the EVA 02’s pilot Asuka as ESTJ (Same post as Rei’s) while her EVA relates more to the ESTP. The color of red immediately sparks images of a EVA more in tune to the violencia and action and as the first EVA specifically built for combat. And in any incarnation of the series, EVA 02 seems to be given the most action, or at least, the most action that doesn’t throw the plot forward by leaps and bounds. While EVA 01’s action sequences are more plot-based, EVA 02’s action scenes are partly for story, partly for the fun of it; and it’s easy to see why its a fan favorite. It’s got four eyes, it’s red, and it’s guns are supermassive.

ESTPs of course have a penchant for action and are known for being one of, if not the, most competitive type, with a preference for Se first. Another reason for the EVA 02 being typed as ESTP is Rebuild’s modification of the EVA to go into Beast Mode, wherein the EVA transforms from its normal humanoid form to a vicious cat-like variation of itself. It was one of the moments that really let you see how far the remake films were departing from its televised counterpart.


Basic similar traits to the ESTP: Action-oriented, goes into Beast Mode similar to the competitive nature of the ESTP, one of the most fun characters as ESTPs can be in real life.

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  1. Adina Says:

    One little nitpick: LCL is actually made from the blood of Lilith, who many fans don’t consider to be a “normal” angel because all of the other angels (except for humans themselves-lilin) are spawn from Adam.


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