MBTI: Margaery Tyrell- ENFJ


Spoilers! You’ve been warned!

We need more NF love on this site, don’t we? I mean, sure, every other site like this one is run by an NF woman that claims every other character as NF, but that doesn’t mean I should be so neglectful. Truth is, as you could probably tell, most of the stuff I watch is all about SP heroes taking down NT villains. And throw in some SJ authorities cleaning up the messes. Sorry SJs.

But sticking to the subject, the Tyrells are an interesting family to throw into the GoT world, even without Margaery; her brother, father, and grandmother all lend a certain lighthearted style to their scenes and the sigil of a rose definitely stands out from wolves, stags, lions and dragons.

But the most unique aspect with Margaery herself is that every time we think we’re going to see her go back on her word or do something as despicable as the majority of the other characters would do…she does the opposite.

Now what her actual motivations have been, eh…we can only speculate. Especially now, in the end of season 5 where it seems that sadly, to fanboys of Natalie Dormer, this may be Margaery’s last season. How horrible.

Be it through Renly, Joffrey or Tommen, Margaery was set on being queen. But again, the peculiar thing about her is that she’s either completely genuine (Doubtful!) or she’s playing her part so well there is a side to her that makes you believe she wouldn’t be the worst ruler to live under.

And how exactly does Margaery show her ENFJ side if she’s possibly just putting on a show? Well specifically, it would be in the show she puts on.

“I don’t want to be a queen. I want to be THE queen.”

Westeros Mean Girls

Westeros Mean Girls

While other types have their ways of being manipulative and cunning, it’s usually only the NFs who will use these tactics in an effort to help a certain sort of people. While I wouldn’t compare Margaery as a character to Hitler, undoubtedly an NF, Hitler’s main premise was that what the Nazis were doing to Jews was justified because of what happened to Germans years before. And like other NFs, those that choose to display some sort of mischievous side will do it under the guise that they’ve been victimized in some way and demand penance of some sort from their aggressors (Fi) or that the users actions are justified because what they’re doing is helping others, whether the people want it or not (Fe).

So while Margaery may or may not be directly tricking anyone, we see that her actions speak louder than words; from helping the poor or keeping a cheerful demeanor. Of course, this pisses off Cersei but Margaery treats her similarly as the waiter at a restaurant having their face spit onto while keeping a big smile. She may be spitting in the food though we’re never certain, but she keeps the smile all the same.

And to elaborate, Margaery does seem to get a kick out of Cersei’s reactions to Margaery doing…well, what’s she’s supposed to. She hasn’t shown herself to do anything particularly improper or wrong in her position aside from the fact that she was poised to take over as queen by marrying one of Cersei’s sons.

ENFJs will also have a way with people that few others can compare to. While the ENFP loves people, their Ne/Fi bouncy randomness can set some people the wrong way. But ENFJs lead with Fe and generally get along with just about anybody. Their inferior Ti acts accordingly to break down what’s logical in the moment to then process it through their lead Fe for the best results. Tertiary Se lets them know the right “moment to strike” so to speak.

And from this can lead to the ENFJ slightly bending or twisting the truth if it means a more peaceful end result.

"I had all the bad people killed so I could feed you. Mmkay?"

“I had all the bad people killed so I could feed you guys. Mmkay?”

Anyone of any type can believe that the ends justify the means but the ENFJ believes this in a way that will have them ever-so-slightly altering themselves, their responses, or even another person’s point of view if it means getting what they want- which they’ll, at the very least, believe is for everyone’s benefit.

And for the most part, they can get what they want. People will just like them because the ENFJs like people themselves. They can easily understand someone else’s point of view (Fe) and offer advice based on what would be the best in the long term, not necessarily just what they should do to make themselves feel better momentarily. But unlike a type with a higher thinking preference that shoots straight and doesn’t bother themselves with semantics, ENFJs really do have the best intentions with the people they’re speaking to. It’s no wonder they so often end of in ministry, counseling, and other careers of the like.

See, I start off talking about the more negative side of ENFJ and have to end up talking about the positive. Only problem you’ll have with an ENFJ is hating how much you’ll like them.

4 Responses to “MBTI: Margaery Tyrell- ENFJ”

  1. Skinny Pete Says:

    oh daddy like

  2. I had an ENFJ best friend who secretly envied my life. She recently had a full hystorectomy, destroying any hope that she would be a biological mother..and she fell in love with my significant other. On top of that, she dated primarily fixer-uppers (losers) who needed help with life. Instead of just dealing with this in her own mind and changing her life accordingly, she plotted to sabotage my relationship and take both my man AND my child by proxy. She sought to eliminate me from the equation.

    When it comes to something an ENFJ wants..if she wants it badly enough, the ends do justify the means. Loyalty, honesty, morality..none of these things matter if the end result is desired enough. I see this also being the case with Margaery, though I do acknowledge that she has a humanistic side. I fucking hate Cersei but I understand why she didn’t trust Margaery. Between the two, I’d rather see Margaery rule obviously but if I knew then what I know now about my ENFJ friend, I would’ve steered clear. I certainly wouldn’t have fed her private information that she could use against me. If you have an ENFJ in your life, investigate their intentions closely. No type is more willing, able, and adept at bringing you close only to try to destroy you.

    • Ludmil Says:

      It’s not fair to judge basing on type. Afterall all 16 mbti types have a bad or good person in it so you shouldn’t judge enfjs based on your experience because that’s only one ENFJ and i bet there are decent ENFJs out there and not all ENFJs are the same, just like no ISTPs, ISFPs or even INTJs are the same. Don’t be judgmental because some people might take your opinion seriously and you shouldn’t contaminate their minds with your advice because it’s biased.


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