Alright sorry, I felt the urge. While the X-Men movies may be fine with relegating this unstoppable X-Men foe to Vinnie Jones with a stone helmet on, the “real” JUGGERNAUT (Which is spelled wrong if it’s not in all caps) is one that makes everyone tremble when his name is mentioned.

And why wouldn’t you be freaked out? This guy’s body makes no sense. He doesn’t need air/food/water/rest and when he starts moving at all, he can’t be stopped. Cain Marko is one bad dude. Do I need to mention he’s not a mutant?

With a dome-like helmet that makes him appear as a neckless freak, Once Charles Xavier’s step brother touched the ancient ruby Cyttorak, he became instantly transformed into the one known as…

Well, you know.




JUGGERNAUT has all of the abilities listed above, not to mention his immunity to psionic powers thanks to his helmet. Invulnerability, super strength, and a force field to make him even harder to mess with, as if his invulnerability wasn’t enough. The lesson here, kids? Touch things that aren’t yours and get powers you don’t deserve. Powers from a DEMON.

Yes, you read that right. Your favorite X-Men villain (aside from Magneto) is powered by a demon.

And it didn’t help that Cain was a bully before he gained Hulk-level powers. It only makes sense that Cain would bully his bald brother as kids and then upgrade when lil’ Charlie gets his own team of superpowered nerds. ESTPs, always one upping everybody. And I mean, the dude’s name is Cain. If you name your son Cain at this point I think you’ve got to know you’re sentencing him to a lifetime of bullying. Bullying other people, that is.

Oh snap

I can tell you the exact moment the world’s greatest telepath crapped his pants.

ESTPs aren’t always bullies, true, but they do have a tendency to bully even in the way that they choose to have fun. Punching, flicking, biting, mocking- it’s all normal for the lead Se user. Since Extroverted Sensing wants what it wants and it wants it now.

Pretty interesting that Cain would be a pretty easily typable ESTP while his stepbrother Xavier is an INFJ. Same functions in a completely different order. ESTPs lead with Se, then Ti, Fe, Ni. INFJs lead with Ni, then Fe, Ti, and Se. Did I say Cain? I meant JUGGERNAUT.

Part of the reason for typing so many characters is not only to beat it into your head what certain types are known for and to make it easier to type said characters and possibly people. We’ve talked about how ESTPs are pretty much the ultimate jocks and for the main reason that they’re so competitive.

So what unique aspect does JUGGERNAUT bring to the ESTP table? He’s a bully. Yep. I’m not talking about just being competitive, I’m talking about flat-out being a jerk to people because they think its funny. I’m not even saying that every ESTP will do this, but the tendency to act this way is much more likely to found in ESTPs than say, ISFJs. It’s why Colossus is a different kind of JUGGERNAUT.



But not the BEST one!

But not the BEST one!

ESTPs don’t particularly care to subtly manipulate or be passively condescending either. Their way of bullying is acted out much like the rest of their lives are- loudly, for fun. ESTPs will joke around in a way some might find offensive and not only do they not see what the problem is, it can often make them more mad to find out somebody is annoyed by it.

Though in Cain’s case, it was more to do with him being jealous of Charles since his own father started to favor Charles once Cain’s mom and Charles’ mom got together. Is that the competitive streak we talked about or just jealousy? Maybe a bit of both, hm? And how much more awesome would that have been in the movies, if they’d shown Charles getting whooped on by Cain, not finding lil’ orphan Mystique in his kitchen and feeding her like a stray cat?

Whenever Cain shows up, it always takes a number of characters to take him down. None of this, super scrappy Wolverine fighting the good fight- that’s just a beatdown. It takes characters to hold him off while someone attempts to remove his helmet and then a telepath to attempt to mentally disable him. Usually, its a battle of wits or strength but in JUGGERNAUT’S case, he so impervious to most attacks that it takes brains to then overpower him. I am in awe of this dude’s strength. Not a man crush or anything…or is it?

Go on, Juggernaut! Flick him away like you're flicking a booger!

Go on, Juggernaut! Flick him away like you’re flicking a booger!

While ESTPs are known for their people skills, an issue they have is with the more intellectual side of life. Now, this isn’t some “Sensors don’t get theory” thing, it’s just a matter of fact. While ESTPs can be extremely intelligent, it won’t usually be in the form of philosophy or things that require patience.

Like we know, Se first. Their intelligence will be more in the form of kinesthetics, business; areas that involve fast paced thinking and quick application. They are known as the “Doers” after all, not the thinkers.

No wonder, Cain picked on Charles. Cain’s dad liked him more and Charles’ strong point is Cain’s weak one.

But c'mon. Whatver is going on here, are you telling me this guy doesn't have it coming?

But c’mon. Whatver is going on here, are you telling me this guy doesn’t have it coming?



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