MBTI: Nightwing- ENFJ


Batman’s adopted son/partner-in-anti-crime, master gymnast, the first Robin, and with a whole list of other achievements, Dick Grayson’s biggest feat is his ability to deal with the ugly side of Gotham and still keep a smile on his face as Nightwing. No, actually it’s being numero uno on Top 50 sexiest male characters in comics. Suck it, number 46!

From Gotham to NY and Bludhaven and back to Gotham, Grayson’s sense of humor and love of people have gotten him out of some pretty bad situations. The ENFJ you know may be the same way, as their habit of stubbornly knowing what’s the best for others can be as frustrating as Batman’s own stubbornness to do his own thing. Difference is, ENFJ has people skills. Hey-ooo-As the only Robin to successfully move onto another identity (Jason Todd could count, sure, but c’mon- that guy is messed up), Grayson’s days as a sidekick to Batman proved fruitful, but only for a short time. After that, it was onto the Teen Titans and eventually his own name. He’s been Batman for a time and is currently known as Agent 37 in the New 52, but his attitude is always the same. One of his best known traits is seeming to always be in a good mood. Hm, what type is known for that?



We could say ENFP, but ENFPs are energetic more than anything else, and energetic doesn’t always mean “good mood.” But ENFJs are much more about order and having the decision made. It’s the “J” in them. Notice that no matter what Grayson does, or where he does it, he always comes back to crime-fighting. Without it, he begins to feel empty because it’s using all of his skills at once and in a positive way. I’ve talked to a couple ENFJs I know and their chosen professions as counselors and preachers of some sort come to similar conclusions. These jobs deals with helping people in an active way that use all of their skills.

Nighwing’s nightly proclivities include not only stopping crime but using his skills as a gymnast to do it. Even better when he has a partner or team to include, since it’s clear he likes telling people what to do in a way that they’ll want to listen.

For Grayson, he must also have a dark side though right? I mean, you’d have to if you’re going around punching people in the face, kicking their teeth out and smiling about it? But nooo, Batman’s just so deranged. At least that guy knows the work is dirty.

Anyway. We’ve talked before about ENFJs going above and beyond the rules to get the right thing done and in Nightwing’s case, he not only does this with the law as a vigilante but as Nightwing to Batman. Remember this important thing, that Batman is a huge jerk.

You know how he is.

You know how he is.

But no matter how many times he tells Grayson “No” or attempts to decisively tell him that he can’t come along or that Batman is going to do things on his own, Grayson is one of the few people to say “Screw you Batman! I don’t want you to die! You’re not alone!” That’s the only kind of love Batman will accept is if somebody is being a jerk to him about it. Look at his relationship to Catwoman even.

ENFJs are an interesting type in that their dominant Fe makes them warm and personable while their secondary Ni have the ENFJ looking ahead to see the bright side of even the darkest situations and most aggravating peers. But from this, we have a type that has few close friends all the same. With their range of contacts being so wide, the number of people they’ll actually be close to is surprisingly few. It’s almost like they love others so much they don’t leave any room for themselves.

This is a blessing/curse for them. A lot can be done when you focus all your efforts on others but you’re going to be spreading yourself too thin if you don’t leave time for yourself and a few others that show themselves trustworthy.

Loyalty is their thing, situations that require clarity of logic is not. Like their Sensor cousin the ESFJ, the ENFJ spending more time on themselves at certain points during the week should be taken into heavy consideration if they’re to continue affecting people in an effective and positive way.

So after this, like, you wanna get something to eat? Bible study maybe? Whatever you think Bruce, I'm just happy to be here."

“So after this, like, you wanna get something to eat? Bible study maybe? Whatever you think Bruce, I’m just happy to be here.”

7 Responses to “MBTI: Nightwing- ENFJ”

  1. You should do Red Hood next.

  2. Some say Jason Todd is ESFP, with him taking it personally when Batman didn’t take vengeance on Joker, not being able to see it from Batman’s point of view, indicators of Fi.

    • Taylor Says:

      Nah, he’s too angry for ESFP. ESFP gets pissed off and burns themselves out opting to chill. ESTP/ISTP get angry and force themselves to stay that way. Lower on the feeling function for Todd if you ask me.

  3. The last caption is brilliant. “Bible study, maybe?” Many forget that some of the writers made him a Christian, as a means of explaining why he can fight the same fight as Batman, but with a smile a sense of optimism.

    • Taylor Says:

      Ha, I hadn’t heard that. Though I’ve also heard he’s a bit of a man whore, so…do as I say, not as I do, that sort of thing maybe?

  4. Bryan Kim Says:

    I think Nightwing (New 52) would be more of ESFP or ENJP because, in an issue, Nightwing states he is a natural improviser than a planner.


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