True Detective Season 2, Episode 3 Review


Warning! Spoilers ahead!

I actually meant for this to be my first post of the week but eh, you know how things go. People get Playstation 4s and put them to use. Gotham needed saving and I had to answer the call in Adam West’s Batman suit.

Staying on topic though, this episode had a little more going on for it. I’ll get into though since intros for something that will have spoilers in it means I just drag these out while saying absolutely nothing.


So Colin Farrell’s character, Ray, isn’t dead. Taylor Kitsch’s character Coppy McSmolders is gay in a “Need to know basis” sort of way (Military Gay, as some people call it). And Vince Vaughn’s character has finally done something to show us he’s not just some flaccid has-been grasping at straws to allow himself to believe he’s still on top.

I don’t know what that says to write that this episode is by far the most happenin’ in the season so far. All except for Kitsch’s character reveal. I’ve already seen The Covenant and every movie/show he’s done since has had that little character detail whether they’ve said it or not. I’m wondering how this will play into the story aside from it just being one way of clearing his name with what he did or didn’t do with the woman he pulled over in the first episode. Or maybe he’s just a closeted guy dude. I don’t know, but the scene with his ex-military friend seemed significant. I kept expect Ryan Gosling to walk by in disguise like in the opening scene from Drive because y’know- LA and all.

I’m not sure we’re they’re going with Vaughn’s character trying to have a kid via squirting into a cup thing but the first thing I connected it with was McAdam’s character’s dad and his weirdo cult. Should I learn these characters’ names? I know Farrell’s is Ray Velcoro, which I still had to look up to make sure I’m spelling right, but everyone else is still the actor’s name to me. McAdam’s name is something Italian if I remember correctly.

"Detective Only Woman Mazzocco and Detective Brokeback Gambit here. Just the facts, ma'am."

“I am Detective Only Woman Mazzocco and this is Detective Brokeback John Carter. Just the facts, ma’am.”

But Velcoro is still the most interesting one to me, which I still find odd because, again, the whole disgraced husband/father thing is normally melodramatic and something I want to skip past it. This seems to be the general consensus of the show already. But I guess because he’s got so much working against him (including his own lifestyle) I just to see something good happen for this guy. He’ll need to work for it of course, but still, seeing him actually progress is something I’m looking forward to if it happens at all. He saved McAdams from getting hit by that truck, which is cool, but I was thinking that it would have been a hilarious death so I guess it’s good they avoided that one altogether.

The beatdown from Vince Vaughn to the disrespectful fat guy was cool. I’m not sure if I was more into what I was seeing or just the fact that we were finally seeing something more exciting that Velcoro drinking Modelo at a bar while its written all over his face and dripping off his mustache that his life sucks and probably won’t get much better.

It was also something of a power fantasy in a way to see Vaughn take the pliers to that guy’s teeth because unless you’re Barracuda from The Punisher MAX series, you’re probably a horrible person and just know that on average, you’ll probably come across roughly eleven people that want to punch your teeth out. Barracuda was horrible too but he’s not real and can get away with that sort of thing. Not to mention, he regularly had terrible things happening to him anyway. Like Punisher biting his face in that link above.

Lastly, let’s talk about this guy.


We’ve seen a lot of “between life and death” scenes before and I gotta say, I like this one. I wasn’t too sure about the dialogue for a minute but this Elvis guy really made the scene. I was kind of laughing but Velcoro already wears a bolo tie, this dream(ish) sequence of Elvis guy blaring in the background really completed the feeling that this guy may be dead and his transition to the afterlife is in a dingy bar with bad Elvis in the back while his dad tells him he’s been scared his entire life. Which also may explain part of why he’s so hard on his kid for getting picked on and not wanting to say anything.

Shout out to Fred Ward for playing Farrell’s dad. Remo! When’s the “gritty remake” of that coming out?

2 Responses to “True Detective Season 2, Episode 3 Review”

  1. Skinny Pete Says:

    Vince Vaughn bumping into Kitsch at the gay club was no coincidence. Vaughn is actually closet gay also ( I mean what man can’t get it up for Kelly Reilly??) The show ends with Vaughn on the back of Kitsch’s motorcycle as they ride off into the LA sunrise with some Duran Duran song playing softly into credits


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