True Detective Season 2, Episode 4 Review


Warning! Spoilers ahead!

“Those moments, they stare back at you. You don’t remember, they remember you.”

Rachel McAdams’ character says this at one point during the episode. What was she talking about? I don’t know. And that seems to be how this season is going to be from here on out. I’ve had more hope during previous episodes but now that we’re halfway through I don’t see things getting much better.

Keep reading if you don’t mind spoilers or (like me) you don’t really care too much.

At this point I’ve started asking myself several times in an episode “Why am I watching this?”

Oh that's right- Kelly Reilly

Oh that’s right- Kelly Reilly

It’s not like it’s just terrible, there’s just not many redeeming qualities about it. It looks good and the acting is good, but I feel like at this point I’m just hanging on with the idea in mind that it’s A. Going to get better or B. Rival the first season in its own way. Eh, but Hope B. really isn’t staying afloat.

The ending was “explosive,” sure but it’s not as though the show needed action to be better. I don’t even entirely remember why they were going on that raid in the first place though I can’t entirely hold that against the show itself unless we were to examine that if they had been keeping my attention with anything else, I would have definitely understood why all these explosions and gunfire were happening. Yes, I made that ‘explosion’ pun and kept going.

"You stay here and go "BANG BANG BANG! and I'll run across and be like BANG BANG BANG!"

“You stay here and go “BANG BANG BANG! and I’ll run across and be like BANG BANG BANG!”

So Kitsch has got PTSD of some sort where he blacks out and doesn’t remember things I guess.

Or maybe it’s the only way he can cope with all the gay stuff he did with his bros back at “the mountain.” Still, we’ll see how that plays into his character. By now I figure every character “quirk” to be just that and nothing else. This has no over arching point other than to say “This guy is like, TOTALLY out of his mind!” Which he is, sure, but you can’t force me to care about it.

Nor do I feel happy for him getting married to his girlfriend because she found out she’s pregnant. Maybe you were meant to feel uncomfortable about it as though you’re not sure how Kitsch’s character is going to react and his acceptance of it is even weirder than him being mad about it. It’s like writer Nick Pizzolatto was like “How can I make audiences feel even stranger about this character? Ooh, I’ll make him happy for a second!” And if that’s what he was going for, it worked.

Kitsch is perfecting the scowl though, I’ll give him that. We’re seeing him do it so much on the show, I’m wondering how many accumulated hours he’s done it in real life, on set.

But the opening quote sums up my feelings on the episode. Sure, in context, it has to make more sense. It’s not as though McAdams just started with that line. But it kept going and I can’t imagine knowing the other half would make it any better because what I’m reading now is just so dumb. Sounds like someone when they’re high. “Moments like…uh…stare at you. It’s like you can’t even look at them yourself, it’s all just so powerful, it stares at YOU.”

"Oh damn."

I’ll still continue watching and maybe I should reign it in and try to remain a little more accepting of what I’m seeing rather than say, looking for new ways to make fun of it. But it’s not like I was trying to do that in the first place, it’s just where the series led me. If you remember the review of the first episode, I was sticking up for it when others when already throwing their hands in the air. Way back when, four weeks ago. So I’ll hold on like a good little fan who complains and then keeps watching.


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