MBTI: Barbara Gordon- ENTJ


Notice I can’t just title this “Batgirl?” Or “Oracle” for that matter? DC has a way of introducing a character with an alias and then go down the line or pass the mantle. Sorry but Marvel just isn’t that confusing.

Originally just a “girl Batman,” Barbara really has taken on a life of her own in the comics, despite her eternal connection to the Dark Knight. Whatever the continuity is, modern age or New 52, Barbara will break all the rules to do what she thinks is right. This could describe several types but Barbara’s particular brand of rule-breaking leans toward the Field-Marshal.

She’s got the looks, a photographic memory along with a genius intellect, a master martial artist (Aren’t they all)and if she’s bound to a wheelchair, she’ll still use all of her skills and knowledge to help save the day. She’s so perfect I hate her.


“P90X, Insanity and Crossfit? That’s my morning workout routine! Tee hee!”

The daughter of Commissioner Gordon has seen some stuff. Whatever version of her you’re reading, at some point the events of The Killing Joke are included. In that story, the Joker shows up at Barbara’s house to shoot her in the stomach, ultimately paralyzing her. Since then she’d dedicated all of her mental capabilities to helping Batman fight crime through the use of technology under the name Oracle. And since then, she’s been remade as though she overcame her paralysis. It’s like so many people love her in or out of a wheelchair that DC can’t decide what they should go with- Barbara with legs or Barbara without them.

There have been so many incarnations of not only Batgirl as a character, but Barbara Gordon herself that it can be tough to pinpoint a personality on the whole for her. But through her upbeat attitude, willingness to strategize and execute and let’s not forget- her subtle approval of manipulation to get people to go along with her ideals- ENTJ fits best.

We just talked about Te (Extroverted Thinking) in the previous article but if you didn’t read that one, it’s about taking what you know and using it. Unlike Ti users who often like to know things just to have the information, anything a strong Te user knows will only be remembered so it can be utilized, even if that only means bringing it up in a conversation to impress someone or shut someone down in an argument. Oh and Te users will get into arguments.

But what divides Barbara from other strong Te users (INTJ, ESTJ, ISTJ) is her acting first with the long term goal in mind. Compare this to Batman, an INTJ, who has a long term goal he acts toward while Barbara, an ENTJ, acts as often as she can with that goal in mind. So it only makes sense that not long after Barbara is paralyzed, she would come up with a new way to achieve her goals.

Still, it's good to see the sun every once in a while. You know, for the vitamin D and all.

Still, it’s good to see the sun every once in a while. You know, for the vitamin D and all.

Comicvine also makes a mention of Barbara’s “sensitivity” in that she’s often thought about her place as a crimefighter and “she goes easy on the thieves and bandits that are on this life for lack of better choices.” Generally these qualities aren’t associated with the ENTJ, whose feeling function is introverted (Fi) and inferior. This will often make for a seemingly callous individual that often steps on others to get what they want, blah blah blah, you know that drill.

But there is a side to the ENTJ not often talked about by other types nor the ENTJ themselves, who often see emotions as signs of weakness. But also as mentioned in the Damian article, types with inferior feeling functions can often find themselves displaying their feelings in ways people around them would find surprising. Barbara is known as something of a motherly/sisterly figure to many of her fellow superheroes who can go to her for advice, while Batman himself relying on her expertise so often should really speak to her ability.

Though Batman’s reliance on her is more about her skills and abilities than her world weary experience. Batman has got enough of that.

Uhh probably too much.

Uhh probably too much.

But ENTJs are very much the same in that their Fi manifests itself at times that make others wonder how well they actually know the user. ISTPs can be highly generous, INTPs can be very caring, INTJs feel much deeper than the stereotype suggests (EDIT: Mistake on my part, INTJs have tertiary Fi though the statement still stands), ESTJs can have strong advice for anyone willing to listen and ENTJs have strong “sentimental streaks” as personalitypage will tell you.

Still, we’ve got a character whose main priority is to make Gotham a safer place by why of tracking and beating down all the thugs and supervillains she can get a hold of. And doing so with a much more enthusiastic flair than most heroes in Gotham.

Notice I said "most."

Notice I said “most.”


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