MBTI: Damien Wayne- ESTJ


Entitled, snobby…but pretty skilled all the same, people’s feelings on the son of Batman are usually black and white; a description often used to describe the type at hand. It can’t be helped. ESTJs don’t like things cluttered and prefer as much clarity as possible- this could be taken a number of ways but nothing more so than their personal relationships.

It’s why little Damian is such a jerk.




Little Damian NOOOOO?

The son of Batman and Talia al Ghul (Drugged? Not drugged?), Damian was raised by Talia and the League of Assassins as a martial artist himself. Learning to kill at a young age, readers also had to accept the fact that Batman had also been a deadbeat dad. Wah-wah.

ESTJs get painted as d-bags online and while people will take it too far, they can’t be faulted without logic for this one. The dominant function of the ESTJ is Extroverted Thinking and users with this function want things to be moving in a very specific direction for them to feel as though they’re getting things done. This is also important for them- that things are being done. There’s no time to mess around, unless the plan was to mess around; then we mess around better than anybody! YEAH! FOOTBALL!

Not all ESTJs love football, I’m kidding. But basketball? YES.

And BATMANNING all over town! HIGH-FIVE!

And BATMANNING all over town! HIGH-FIVE!

The auxiliary function of the ESTJ is Introverted Sensing (Si) and this is key to Damian’s character. With Si acting as sort of a memory bank for how the user has “absorbed” their surroundings previously, this often makes the user stubborn and sure of their own way. They’re not arguing with you because they like to argue, but because they want things done the way they know how. And if they didn’t think it was the right way, they wouldn’t be arguing for it, would they?

In Damian’s case, this is seen in his belief that he is the successor to Batman, so Robin is his birthright. Screw you, Tim Drake! You just show up here in this batcave, knowing all of dad’s secrets and he lets you be Robin? *Punches Drake in the face and kicks him in the nuts.* In a nutshell, this is sort of Damian’s reaction else being in “his” placeto someone . There’s no understanding, there’s definitely no insecurities of being replaced- just some guy who’s in Damian’s way. Well, now that Damian’s here, it’s time to move over or die.

Damian’s time with his mother and their assassins have naturally made Damian insensitive to the idea that a criminal’s life shouldn’t be ended upon their capture. So working with Batman in Gotham is difficult for him to adjust since, y’know, Batman doesn’t kill.

ESTJs themselves can adjust but it takes a certain amount of time, as it does with all SJs. The negative side of Si is its seemingly unwillingness to make any sort of changes for the people around the user, regardless of how faulty their logic may be. The upside is that their memories seem to be something supernatural in a way. Sounds dramatic, sure, but all the little details you never thought you would be able to memorize can often be recalled with the snap of a couple fingers.

Or in Damian’s case, a couple necks. I mean, he’s not even a teen yet and knows all that he knows? Move over karate kid! Or just be killed, it’s all the same to Damian.

Everyone fights with their parents occasionally.

Everyone fights with their parents occasionally.

Another thing about ESTJs that makes them seem so cold and uncaring is their inferior Introverted Feeling (Fi). Since this deals with internalized values, it allows the user to more easily focus on their own feelings, principles, beliefs, etc. There’s no foggy haze in terms of ideas, there’s what they know- and what they don’t what they care about- and what they don’t. Certainly a strength and a weakness.

Something I’ve noticed of inferior feelers of the introverted and extroverted varieties (Fi and Fe) is their way of seeming to not display any positive (and often no negative) emotions in their every day life until something happens to set them off, for better or worse in this sense. If it’s something to make them angry, they’ll be disproportionately pissed. If it’s something that makes them happy, they can be overbearing in their excitement. Rather than strike a balance, it’s all or nothing with these types. This isn’t a fact of course, but a common occurrence (ESTJ, ENTJ, ISTP, INTP).

ESTP was a candidate for Damian though he proves to be much less tactful and choosing brunt ideology as a way of justifying his actions…which he doesn’t have to justify to you. Since Batman is at the top of the pecking order and Damian is his son, Damian sees himself as jumping up past all the other posers to stand next to his dad. Which should have been even easier after (dying and then…) being brought back to life with superpowers.


That was the last thing that kid needed. Y’know, aside from being murdered before.

4 Responses to “MBTI: Damien Wayne- ESTJ”

  1. FlowenRain Says:

    I have no idea why I penned him as an ISTP but much of what you said here is very considerable. Nice write up.

    • Taylor Says:

      Thanks. Yeah, ESTP/ISTP seemed like reasonable choices initially but he’s all about the entitlement for sure.

  2. Sallie Says:

    Taylor, man. Please correct the spelling of Damian’s name in the title. I can’t sleep at night, man. Come on.


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