MBTI: Domino- ISFP


You don’t know Domino? Yo dog you don’t like the 90s or something? I don’t really either. Not a fan of MC Hammer pants and even being able to slightly relate to people who post “ONLY 90s KIDS WILL GET THIS!!!” stuff. Malcolm would be ashamed.

Neena ‘Domino’ Thurman is a mutant with the power to affect probability. Meaning her mutant ability is luck. Her other skills include being sharpshooting, a martial artiste, and generally being awesome. Her personality is ISFP, meaning she is a cat that was given human form.

Domino is mostly known for her guns, black spot around her eye and chalky white skin. X-Force is the team she’s usually affiliated with and if you don’t know them, just think of the X-Men doing black ops missions instead of being the face of all mutantkind. They’re more like the bloody fist you hold behind your back so the teacher doesn’t immediately know why the school bully is crying on on the ground with blood running from his nose. Of course Wolverine is in this group too because he’s Wolverine and why not at this point, right?

Domino is a character that easily slips into that category of characters many might think of as being vague in personality; a relic of the 90s when Rob Liefeld was the brat king who could name characters things like Bloodlust and get away with giving them an infinite number of pockets and guns that just didn’t have any place in real life or fiction.

I'm getting sick just looking at this.

I’m getting sick just looking at this.

But that doesn’t mean everything he did was bad. He created Deadpool, and he created Domino. As far as her personality goes, vague or obscure shouldn’t really be apart of her description. This chick has got a lot going on.

Take X:Force: Sex and Violence for instance, where it seems the entire plot is based on Domino’s initial motive to take a job is immediately ruined by her perceived Fi (Introverted Feeling) when she finds out that the group she was to infiltrate was actually trafficking young women. Domino then leaves her own teammates behind to save them and take the money found in a getaway van, giving much of it to the enslaved girls. Did I mention that Te (Extroverted Thinking) is the inferior function of the ISFP? Not the most logical people, these ISFPs.

But how is this Fi, you ask?

I’ve been told quite frequently by visitors that Fi is doing what you believe to be right. So when a character does is going by their own code, this is Fi.

Sure, that’s part of it. But let’s get it out of the way that someone, real or fictitious, doing what they believe to be right does not automatically make them an Fi user. Anybody can do what they believe is right. The other side of that coin would be like saying Fi users aren’t intelligent because their thinking function isn’t higher. See how condescending that is?

Fi, being a sort of well-organized cognitive principle filer, allows the user to more accurately know what they feel is right or wrong, in a sense. And ISFP, INFP, ESFP and ENFP live this way, constantly evaluating their own motives and the motives of others, making it their top priority to live by internal values.

"Why did they shoot me? What did I do to them?" Questions like this go through their head.

“Why did they shoot me? What did I do to them?” Questions like this go through their head.

Confused? Don’t be, guy.

If Introverted Thinkers are always dissecting ideas or objects in their mind and attempting to figure out how they work, Introverted Feelers are doing the same thing but to their own feelings, or knowing what they feel is important.

In this case, Domino leaves behind a bunch of people she had no connection with to save a bunch of girls she immediately had a connection with. Being used and abused is sort of a running theme for a lot of comic book characters and Domino is no stranger to this.

While Fe users can fairly easily put themselves in the shoes of others to get why they act the way they do, an Fi user is much more specific in who they sympathize with. And if you’ve had similar experiences to the Fi users you know, you guys probably get along okay. Domino herself was the subject of an experiment to breed the perfect soldier and as luck would have it, she was the only survivor. Even still, she was deemed a failure and was eventually freed…into the arms of a cult. It’s one thing after another with this gal, I tell ya.

The ISFP’s second function is Se (Extroverted Sensing) which, when speaking of fiction and MBTI, this is the ACTION! function. Just because a character has a lot of action doesn’t mean they’ll be an SP, who all use Se heavily- but they’re the go-to types for it all the same. Just go through the list of SP characters, you’ll see what I mean.

This sums her up, really. A lot of black, a Mexican standoff, and Wolverine standing right behind her.

This sums her up, really. A lot of black, a Mexican standoff, and Wolverine standing right behind her.

Being a comic book character, it’d be really stretching to say that of all characters, Domino’s personal history is taken into consideration when new actions are written for her. It’s really a way to draw a good looking character shooting two guns at one time in a skin-tight suit while jumping down an elevator shaft. But given that over the years, she’s always written to be quiet, ready-for-action, and go-with-the-flow, ISFP is the best match.

Lastly, I like that Domino’s probability affecting powers strangely fit in with the more natural choice of weapons ISFPs in fiction tend to use. Guns aren’t off limits for them (as you can see), but ISFPs in this genre tend to go for the more organic approach.


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