True Detective Season 2, Episode 5 Review


Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Ah man, this is it. The episode where I fully gave up on True Detective, season 2. I didn’t want to, and I wish I could say it’s been a good run, but I did and it hasn’t. Here comes the misery.

I may not do a “review” for next week’s episode even if I watch it as I can’t help but think episode one until now has been sort of a downward spiral from cautious optimism to a gaping mouthed stupor.

This happened at some point, most definitely.

This happened at some point, most definitely.

I’ve noticed the trend of this season is to bore the ever living hell out of the viewer, mix in plenty of brain-damaged noirspeak, have a scene or two of “startling” violence and then end the episode with a cliffhanger. Sometimes the scene of violence is the cliffhanger, but the process is there all the same and it feels more like routine than this just being the show’s hook, if you will.

Taylor Kitsch’s character is miserable, Rachel McAdams’ character is rich and complex (Sarcasm here, folks)but can’t get ahead because she’s in a man’s world and that seems to be the extent of it. Farrell’s character is somewhat interesting but there’s only so much you can carry.

And Vince Vaughn’s character? Well, I’m just sick of his crap. Vaughn is a good actor and I actually like him in more serious roles (I may have said this before, I’m not sure) but here it seems he was given a bunch of Humphrey Bogart-esque lines to spout and every one of them is said as though you’re supposed to applaud. We can’t say the lines like a real human would say them? We have to give a pause between every sentence to let each word sink in and blow our minds? Even then, no, I wouldn’t care for what they’re actually saying but at least the delivery would be there. Now we’ve got nothing.

I wouldn’t mind quoting the lines to give you an idea but I started zoning out when most characters were speaking. And it hurts me to write this, it’s not like I wanted any of this to be the trash that it is. I’ve stopped caring about why each character is doing what and while certain scenes are surprising in and of themselves, the big picture is something that’s lost on me.

I cared about Rust and Marty and didn’t even want them to fight even with that being some of the best stuff in the show and it’s that tug-of-war that kept me coming back. Here? Nah. Farrell’s character could kill everybody and I don’t think I would be surprised in the slightest because I don’t have an interest in what’s going on with them. I’ve not been given a reason to other than that they’ve all been introduced as the main characters. Why do I care about what happens to anyone here? They’re all just miserable little rejects sulking from one crime scene to another.

Kitsch’s character’s mom stole his money. OH NO! But Kitsch’s character is having a baby! NO! I don’t have any stake in this guy. I don’t have a reason to want to see him make through his problems. I don’t like him and it actually has nothing to do with the actor, it’s just that the character has never done anything to make me think he was cool or worth watching. Any disagreements and I’d be happy to hear them.


I guess I’ll end it here because there’s no reason to drag out why I don’t like this season. One good thing that came out of it, for me, was the opening intro. Not as cool as the first but still pretty cool.

2 Responses to “True Detective Season 2, Episode 5 Review”

  1. The Questioning Bard Says:

    Have you already got ideas on what MBTI type are the main characters?


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