MBTI: Tropic Thunder


One of the most quotable movies pretty much ever, Tropic Thunder is a comedy I always think I’m sick of until I watch it again. Then the madness starts and I have to go through the whole thing. It’s not even a choice.

I remember people standing outside of the theater telling us not to watch the movie because it was promoting hatred. Then we were all thinking “Well, we’ve GOT to see it now.” The moral of these last two sentences is that trying to ruin something won’t work if you make it appear edgy and offensive.

Tugg Speedman- ENFP

A go-getter looking to reinvent himself, Speedman shows himself to have the balls to take risks in and out of his career while displaying next to no self-awareness. A blessing and a curse, that. And ENFPs would know better than anyone. Always ready to jump from one exciting possibility to the next, ENFPs are only going to be around for what keeps their attention the longest.

In Speedman’s case, the possibility of being taken seriously as an actor now that his action film phase has passed. And now that he’s interested, he is involved. Even after recognizing that their director might actually be dead, Speedman wants to keep pressing on for the hope of a great movie.

ENFPs themselves don’t like getting bogged down by details either. The director’s dead? Well, he would want them to keep going! Speedman can’t act very well? We’ll work it out as we go along! Getting tortured in the middle of the jungle? This has gotta be for the realism! ENFPs are also pretty positive too, speaking of. So it’s no wonder Speedman argues the point that to stop filming now would be missing out on a great opportunity.

Kirk Lazarus- ISTP

Modeled after Daniel Day-Lewis, Russell Crowe, and Colin Farrell, Lazarus is the actor that takes himself way too seriously for several reasons, one of which to cover up his severe insecurities. Crippling, some might say. ISTPs aren’t known for having brazen outbursts due to their often underdeveloped Feeling function that causes them to react disproportionately to their situation. Oh wait- yes they are. Lazarus understands that ins and outs of his career better than any of the other actors of Tropic Thunder but he has a pretty loose handle on himself.

ISTPs break down their chosen area of interest thoroughly using their dominant Ti but know how something works doesn’t necessarily cover the “why.” Though their interests will often lead them to more mechanical hobbies and careers, acting isn’t off limits to any type. Though the ISTP method of breaking down and acting in the moment can, in turn, make for an individual whose thoughts are so wrapped up in their own world that their grip on society becomes a bit too loose.

Jeff Portnoy- ESFP

I don’t think it’s ever been said that Portnoy was based on Chris Farley. Sure, The Fatties: Fart 2 has got a Nutty Professor 2 vibe to it but Portnoy himself reeks of the deceased Tommy Boy actor who had serious problems going on behind the scenes with an over-the-top fat guy energy as a public persona.

What does this have to do with ESFP? I’m not sure. But it’s Portnoy’s type all the same. While this lead Se user can get into a mode that causes them to melt into the couch they’re sitting on, getting them hyped might make you think they’re using. And Portnoy is, coming to think of it. Jelly beans is his preferred drug of choice though, kids. Having written plenty about them on here, the ESFP role in film will usually be crazy sidekick and we’ve got another example here.

Though Portnoy spends most of the film dragging behind as he unwillingly goes cold turkey through the jungle and it can be tough to say that any functions or type behaviors are seen. But the energy and the drug use give us a hint, har har.

Alpa Chino- ESTP


Always talking, always ready to sell you on something. If not an actual product, they’ll sell themselves. Chino has got multiple ways of making money and while it doesn’t seem to be enough for him, it appears partly out of a sense to make himself feel important. Anybody and everybody wants to feel important in their own way, but few will do it with the vigor and costly ways ESTPs will. His clothing line, music, acting career, energy bar and drinks- this guy has got it all- except his secret crush, Lance Bass.

The biggest reason Chino wants his acting career to take off besides the prospect of being rich and famous, is to prove himself and his people that he can do it. And since Kirk Lazarus (That bastard!) took the one decent role for a black dude, Chino still needed to represent. One issue with ESTPs is that they get so caught up in the moment that they miss the bigger picture. Most people don’t come close to the kind of success Chino has had and even while he’s in a big budget movie with A-list actors, he still can’t just appreciate his situation.

The again, big budget and A-list don’t necessarily equate to greatness.

Kevin Sandusky- ISFJ


ISFJs. Quiet, serious (Mostly just in public) and good with facts, it seems Sandusky is the only actor that actually knows what any of them are supposed to be doing. Going so far as to read about the locations they were going to be. Gasp!

ISFJs will come off pretty serious the more people they’re around and while strong Fe isn’t generally associated with a high intellect, there’s nothing to say this type isn’t secretly holding a wealth of knowledge on their area of interest. The constant rambling to Lazarus (Or…whoever was listening) is something ISFJs do from time to time when they’re comfortable with the people around them, but the real ISFJ giveaway is the sullen tone he delivers all of the information other actors were too “busy” to know- y’know, like the script. ISFJs are known to be be good with the details others can’t be bothered by.

And as timid as they can be, they’ll also say what needs to be said without mincing words when the time is right. Such as being the only actor to keep his crap together at their most desperate when our main cast is too busy going through their own mental breakdowns. I hope he got his Kid’s Choice Award. He deserved it.

Rick “Pecker” Peck- ESTJ


I’ve said for a while now that if you want something done right, you need to put an ESTJ in charge of it. Sure, Coop had an important role in Interstellar. And Rust needed to get his life straightened out and the murders solved. But Pecker is a man of his word and it is in Tugg’s contract that he gets the TiVO!

And if it’s in the contract, Pecker makes sure it happened. ESTJs are pretty solid when it comes to their word. Something to do with Dominant Te being constructive and inferior Fi being principled. Not that being an ESTJ will make you a moral person, but rather that the ESTJ will stick to their own rigid rules as closely as the universe will allow them.

The ESTJ is known to be a strict and verbal boss of sorts, taking care of business on the outside the way ISFJs handle themselves inwardly. Pecker may be looking at the smaller things in comparison to the main cast of Thunder being in a life-or-death situation. But he didn’t know that, and on the day to basis, this was important to Tugg (as Pecker thought) so it was important to him. Thank God he was good on his word too, or that rocket would have killed everybody.

But the plane he was flying home on- does that mean he took the deal Grossman offered him?

Les Grossman- ENTJ



The end all, be all. The man you imagine behind every major decision to every film you’ve ever loved or hated, he’s also the guy that goes to sleep at night thinking of how big his bank account is. Grossman is the personification of the Hollywood movie mogul and the type you think of when it comes to big minded bosses and supervillains? ENTJ of course.

With Te first, they do what they want and are constantly moving toward their goal with no time to waste. The biggest difference between the ENTJ and ESTJ Pecker is that Pecker stays where is and does what he can with what he’s given while the ENTJ always wants more. One isn’t necessarily better than the other, but it’s all about what’s important to you.

And what’s important to Les? That Tropic Blunder has one eight Oscars, 400 million dollars, and he’s saved Tugg Speedman’s career.

Not only that, but I can’t help but have a little respect for Tom Cruise because of it. Grossman was evidently his idea altogether, as was dancing to Ludacris. Say what you will about the man (I do) but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Sometimes, anyway.


7 Responses to “MBTI: Tropic Thunder”

  1. Skinny Pete Says:

    But what type is Lincoln Osiris?

  2. Sairor Says:

    Tom Cruise is a good actor, he’s just painfully socially awkward and got seduced by a cult that preys on precisely that type of people.

  3. Mudibarát Says:

    That trailer with Tobey and Lazarus always cracks me up…

    • Taylor Says:

      It really doesn’t get old. A friend of mine used to be a projectionist when actual film was used in theaters. He didn’t know the trailers were fake and spliced them together in front of other films.

  4. I don’t think Jack Black can ever convince me he is an ESFP, his ENFP ness leaks through every role he plays


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