MBTI: Angstrom Levy- INTJ


Warning! Spoilers ahead!

I love this guy. You can’t help but get into a character that plays the world-ruling supervillain trope straight but parodies it at the same time. Angstrom Levy is part Doctor Doom, part Brainiac, all megalomaniac.

If you haven’t made yourself familiar with Invincible comics yet, I shame you and your father!

After having figured out a way to open portals to every alternate dimension parallel to earth in an effort to go through them and expand his mind as much as he possibly could, Angstrom Levy came across some…complications. In hoping to copy the memory amassed by his alternate selves, Levy broke the genius Mauler twins out of prison to get them to help him. But breaking career thugs out of prison is bound to come with some side effects, and once Invincible found them and planned to bring the twins back to incarceration, they get the upper hand and are prepared to kill him.

Levy, hooked up to his machine that’s literally transferring hundreds of individuals’ brain power to himself, attempts to stop them from murdering Invincible and instead causes a malfunction in the machine, which ends in an explosion. Comics, amirite? Though the twins and Invincible think Levy dead, he’d actually become malformed with the brain power he desperately sought. On top of this, the memory of hundreds of his other selves aren’t neatly organized in his mind either and Levy isn’t sure which dimension he’s from and what exactly happened to him; remembering the accident as something Invincible deliberately caused.



As one of the few villains to know Invincible’s real identity as Mark Grayson, this makes Angstrom Levy one of the most dangerous. To make it even worse, Levy has the knowledge of hundreds of versions of himself from different dimensions which he’s used to make various weaponry and gadgets to help him kill our hero. Not only this, but he can create portals at will to send others through, which at one point, included sending Invincible to the Marvel Universe.

Levy fits in line with the bigger name villains mentioned above, as well as Doctor Octopus, Ultron, or any other villain whose existence is blamed upon the hero. If only this peon hadn’t ruined this single aspect, everything would be GREAT!

How does this relate to the INTJ? You already know. Because the ENTJ is the only other type to be cast as the villain as often as the INTJ is. Long range vision, the tenacity to execute, and just the right misunderstanding of people that keep them from caring about the people in their master plan. A stereotype sure, but with truth to it nonetheless.

We’ve talked about the genius and the planning (Ni/Te), the lack of importance people often play into their lives(Tertiary Fi), and that planning is achieved by acting in the moment as their inferior Se helps to accomplish. Doom, Heisenberg, Batman, you’ve got the idea by now. Be it hero or (more likely) villain, the INTJ character will have some masterful plan to bring to reality solely by way of their own machinations.

"These things that are going to kill you? I made them myself."

“These things that are going to kill you? I made them myself.”

One of the things that’s so interesting about Levy, as an INTJ, is the fact that he actually did save Invincible’s life at the cost of his own sanity. Now that he’s alive and out of his mind, he remembers it differently. This isn’t unlike the INTJ’s way of caring about others at times but only being able to show it in brief glimpses that they’ll later forget about/cover up/be embarrassed of.

It’s not that the INTJ doesn’t have the feelings of other people, but showing it can be quite the task for them. I’ve mentioned in the MBTI: C-3PO- ESFJ post that tertiary Fe users’ emotions will be skipping just over and beneath the surface, but in this case, the tertiary Fi user can seem as cold as ice. It’s due to the placement of this function that causes many a misunderstanding between this type and the rest of the world. INTJs don’t understand how people can see them as heartless or robotic when people don’t get how INTJ isn’t getting that.

See, Levy thinks that he’s the good guy. Everything he does to kill Invincible, he does because he thinks he’s ridding the world of an overpowered neanderthal. This can include justifying why he attacks Invincible’s family in their homes just to get to the guy who’s clearly stronger and faster than he is. But the ends justify the means, so you go for the weaker ones to get to the stronger guy. The INTJ attitude of accomplishing your goals at costs can be applied to great things but can also be set to achieve some horrible ones.

Notice that Levy not only started off with good intentions and even ruined himself by trying to save another’s life. But toward the end of Levy’s life, he again, had a change of mind and decided he would give up his grudge and hoped to return to his previously benevolent lifestyle…that is until you know who showed up.

Our hero!...At least, one of them from a different dimension.

Our hero!…At least, one of them from a different dimension.

All in all, we’ve got to remind ourselves that what our strengths are make up another’s weakness and vice versa. Doing this will give us better insight and understanding into types that aren’t our own.


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