One of the creepiest characters and most capable characters in the MGS series, Vamp was a guy that just wouldn’t die, long after he began to want it to happen.

Pretty straightforward as a enemy but it should be taken into consideration that his abilities don’t directly play into his type or vice versa, seeing as how nanomachines, aka superpowers, are going to give any one type a physical edge, be they INFP or ESTJ.

But Vamp is low key with a sadistic streak. He seems charming enough in a certain way but has an underlying nastiness to him even in his most charismatic moments. His goal and few loved ones are the only things that matter and by MGS4, it’s really only about the goal since his “Queen” is dead. Cold and calculating, but with a certain playfulness to the violence he inflicts, Vamp is a character you love to hate or hate to love.

Having been caught in a bombing inside of a church in Romania, Vamp’s home country, he survived off the blood of his deceased family for days before he was rescued. Can you say “disgusting?” Can you also say “I don’t think that’s even possible.” Later on, he was the subject of experimental nanomachines before becoming a Navy SEAL. A Navy SEAL with the ability to heal and move faster than humanly possible? Sigh me up, I want some nanomachines!

Our first intro to Vamp is him killing a bunch of SEALs responding to a terrorist takeover of the Big Shell, which I hope you’re all familiar with because man, that would take a long time to explain. Like a scene straight out of a horror movie, Vamp picks off each SEAL one by one until our benchwarming hero Raiden comes along, and so begins the second most popular rivalry in Metal Gear. The first one being Snake and everybody.

While we’ve spoken of the ESTP’s love of rivalry, ISTPs carry vendettas. But like the ESTP who can carry an edge with their love of challenges, the ISTP may also somewhat enjoy the butting of heads that simultaneously fuels them. Part of this comes from the cool head ISTP exhibit when under pressure. This isn’t to say they’re never scared (Go ahead, say something in the comments ISTPs, I set you up), but that compared to most types, ISTP is one of the least likely to fret in an intense situation. This may vary from individual to individual, but type as a whole, ISTPs are your go-to in intense situations. Dominant Ti dissects the situation, auxiliary Se reacts in the moment. The perfect set-up for a crisis.

Or the perfect personality to create the crisis.

In Vamp’s case, he somewhat enjoys his rivalry with Raiden is the ISTP’s love of risky behavior, which is a better way of describing ISTP than to illustrate this by mentioning “X-treme sPortZZ” which just isn’t (and can’t) be as much of a fact. Not everybody can afford to go surfing/snowboarding/skydiving, much less live in an area that has those activities available, so love of the rush is a much better way to put it, and what gets them going will be things that others would shake a finger at, disapprovingly.

Fortune may have hated her life and everything else she was doing, feeling any cause she had was long lost, but Vamp got off on what he did to others. The guy is a trained SEAL with virtual superpowers, he didn’t need to be drinking anybody’s blood…but there it was. It’s much of this that gives off the impression that, like Psycho Mantis, Vamp was doing what he did mostly for the enjoyment of it all, speaking to how sick of a figure he is all the more. He fits into the “Hound” type of ISTP who only does things for their own sick, temporary pleasure.

What are his motivations past that? He doesn’t have any. And it’s not a weakly scripted character due to this, but the type of person, as you could encounter in real life, that has the ability to hurt and so he does. There’s not any kind of excuses he gives about wanting to hurt those because of what happened to his family, he just seems to be in it to be a part of the “winners” in the long term game the world is playing with the Patriots.

Also, ISTPs are known to be super homoerotic when they do battle with ISFPs. Just kidding. The end.



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