The father to many of Greek mythologies’ most famous figures, Zeus, god of the sky and thunder, is also king of the gods and Mount Olympus, their home. He’s just got it all, doesn’t he? What a jerk. A very sexual jerk.

Seriously though, if there’s one thing that’s always mentioned about Zeus aside from his thunder-throwing, it’s how he gets it on with everyone under (and above) the sun. He helps to exemplify the best and worst in the ENTJ personality. On one hand- he’s the king of the gods. Need I say more? On the other hand, he’s a complete douche.

Had Odin been an ENTJ as Zeus is, I doubt Loki (in Myth or Marvel) would have gotten away with the crap he’s pulled. Why? Because ENTJ don’t suffer a fool and that’s Loki’s entire game.

OMG much epic

Zeus himself pulls plenty of crap but hey, he’s the boss. There are a lot of perks to overthrowing your titan father and saving all of your siblings from his stomach. For one, you get to be king of the sky and secondly, no one is above you, no pun intended.

While we may have been able to type the Disney Zeus as something else, Mythological Zeus is always working toward something, even if it means staying on top of things and spreading his seed. It’s a pretty well known stereotype that ENTJs always have work on their mind and don’t know how (or at least don’t like to) separate it from the rest of their lives. It’s what they know, it’s what they do. And it’s a stereotype in this case, because well, it’s got a lot of truth to it.

As mentioned, Zeus embodies the best and worst traits of the ENTJ. The best being of course that this man-er, god, gets results. The father of many Olympians-to-be, Cronus is a titan that doesn’t want his kids doing exactly what they ended up doing- succeeding him. Luckily for Zeus, his mother Rhea thought quickly enough to dress a rock as though he was Zeus. And luckily for Zeus, Cronus is evidently a dumbass who couldn’t tell the difference and ate this rock, thinking it to be his son.

Father of the Year

After being raised by Gaia (read; goddess of earth), depending on what you’re reading, Zeus gathered some giants to overthrow Cronus and the other titans and after a major war, the sea, the underworld, and the sky were all divided up between the eldest of these gods. Take a guess who got what between Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus. Kind of like when you and your siblings would argue over the last slice of pizza but on a more universal scale.

Now see this could be considered some of the better traits of the ENTJ. Wherever they start, their goal is to make to the top of their area of interest. As far as type is considered, their drive is infamous. While their Ni (Introverted Intuition) is more ponderous in their planning, the Te (Extroverted Thinking) dominant ENTJ is much more about the constructive acts that get them where they want to go before anything else. They’ve got auxiliary Ni themselves so their goals keep the long term in mind, but doing something right now and making it count is their top priority.

Zeus may only be looked at with respect only in how powerful he is and due to the fact the he fathered many of Greeks’ heroes…but that certainly doesn’t make him a good guy. Many comparisons to his own father Cronus have been made once Zeus had been in power long enough and the other Olympians finally waged a rebellion against him. Talk about becoming what you hate.

The biggest problem people seem to have with the ENTJ is their nonstop drive that pushes everyone else out of the way to get what they want. With inferior Fi, there’s a reason the ESTJ and the ENTJ are so comparable. Work first, everything else last. From this, you get a lot of fed up people who feel as though they’ve worked very hard for a guy that looks out for himself first, and forgets those that have helped him get to where he is.

"We had a massive, naked sky brawl for you Zeus! And this is how you treat us?!"

In Zeus’ case, he never got his comeuppance so to speak, and once the rebellion failed, he carried on as usual. That’s the thing about Greek myths, they hardly ever turn out the way you want them to.

So as admirable as many of their stronger traits are, so many of the same figures reach the same conclusion with fictional ENTJs- hardcore workaholics who don’t mind stepping on a few necks to get what they want. Their perceived emotional insensitivity can cause those they trust to become fed up with treatment that resembles an overbearing boss and mistreated subordinate.

3 Responses to “MBTI: ZEUS- ENTJ”

  1. Sairor Says:

    ENTJs are the type that exemplifies best the concept of “necessary evil”.

    They’re jerks but you just know they have an evolutionary purpose since they’re the guy who’s more apt at making ruthless objective decisions.

    As for Zeus, well, he was a raping bastard, but some of his aspects more negative aspects were actually seen as good by roman society. Namely, being a Conqueror.

    I’d say Rome itself was a very ENTJ-influenced society.

    • Taylor Says:

      Good point. For all of Zeus’ negative aspects, he’s not really painted as a villain, just the guy in charge.

  2. A comparison between Zeus and Oden wouild be a really fun read. Specially since Oden is a transgendered schaman which is a quite nice contrast to the super masculine Zeus.


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