MBTI: Star Wars


So I’ve been gone for a bit, I know.

I’ve noticed a pattern with myself and Zombies Ruin Everything. I dig in, write nonstop for a few months and then I stop and I’m fine with not doing anything with it for three months or so. I don’t plan this out, but I can’t keep writing when I don’t want to write. That being said, I’m working on a new screenplay that I may or may not post here when I’m done writing that, which is what’s been taking up my time when I’m on butt and on the computer. There’s not really an audience since I’ve mostly become known for MBTI stuff but we’ll see how it goes.

ANYWAY, the new Star Wars is out and since the layout of the site is so simple, it’s much easier for me to collect on the characters in a single post than for you to search through the archives for them.

Fun fact, I was one of the thousands (Just one) of people that sent in recorded auditions for the role of Finn in The Force Awakens. Clearly, I didn’t get it but I do have a clip of myself watching the movie. I’m on the right, Bryce is on the left .

Let me know what you think of the movie.

MBTI: Darth Vader- ISTJ              MBTI: Luke Skywalker- INFP

MBTI: Leia Organa- ESTJ              MBTI: Obi-Wan Kenobi- ENFJ

MBTI: Han Solo- ISTP                    MBTI: C-3PO- ESFJ

MBTI: Yoda- INFJ                           MBTI: Qui-Gon Jinn- ENFP

MBTI: Can Chewbacca be Typed?

MBTI: Jedi and Sith- Feelers and Thinkers

MBTI: The Types (of Types) of Heroes

MBTI: The Types (of Types) of Villains

5 Reasons George Lucas Needed to Make the Prequels Regardless of How Much They Sucked

Theory: All the Jedi Had to Die

8 Responses to “MBTI: Star Wars”

  1. Will you type the new characters from The Force Awakens?

    • Mudibarát Says:

      I thought that Kylo Ren might be an INFP.

      • I think Kylo uses more Fe than Fi. His values are always based on those of other people rather than having a strong moral conviction: he doubts even about the most important, personal matters (who he is as an individual and which side he chooses, something that Luke, an INFP, never does) and he wants to please others in order to get validation (Vader, Snoke). Also, he has some difficulties handling emotions, and those are more an explosion of Fe (i.e. when he notice the disappearance of Rei, he gets extremely mad and everyone can feel it), rather than the deepness/introspection of Fi. I’m pretty sure he’s not an INFP, and that he uses Fe as a dominant or auxuliar function, but apart from that… I also see Si (he’s always looking at the past, and his main goal in life is to be like his grand-father, he’s almost obsessed about not being as good as Vader), so maybe an unhealthy ISFJ?

        • Mudibarát Says:

          I’m really, really bad at this, I must admit, so I’ll stop now. I don’t like discussing things I’m not (at least almost) full aware of.
          But my last two pennies: I actually agree with you on the Fe and even more on the Si function.

    • Raichu Says:

      Many think on the net that he is an INTP. Just dropping it in.

    • Raichu Says:

      Many on the net think that Ren is an INTP.

  2. superbejita Says:

    What’s your type Taylor ?

    Loved your criticism of each type which was brutally honest


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