I didn’t know what to call this video

Sorry, headphone users. But the ENTP in me is just tOoOo wacky to keep from pissing you off with my RANDOMNESS!!!!1!! The quality of everything in this sucks, I’ll work on that.

6 Responses to “I didn’t know what to call this video”

  1. Charlize Thereon Says:

    I was wondering if you’d care to give your thoughts on the election.

    Trump 2012

  2. the noun Says:

    Zombies ruined it.

  3. So much yes. This is perfect. Thank you. I’ll take 100 more.

  4. the noun Says:

    Listen guy, if you are not enTIREly mbtapped out and would still value an awesomely meaningful use of your type knowledge base.

    Then please by all means, feel free(yet absolutely not pressured) to converse with a game developer who is trying to build an experience oriented around said indicator. o_-

    There are whole slews of mechanics and design components that he’d love to discuss with someone as wise as you are indicated to be via this blog here. He would be willing to provide compen$ation for your time.

    Also, you’ll be in the credits. If you want to be. Also, it’s going to be the shit so you know… ExposureToANewSpectrummmmmm!!! WhaaatT!? wubbalubba dub duuuuub! Bam.

    Again, your call.


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