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Quit Acting Like You Hate The Super Mario Bros. Movie

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I’m joking but not really. Must there be a Super Mario Bros. movie? There is. The question is, what do we do with it? I guess just whatever we’ve been doing with it.

Casey Jones is Not a Pretty Boy

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Look, I’m not hating the guy. I’ve never seen him act and he could win all the Academy Awards for all I’m concerned. In fact, when you see him, tell him I said hi. Only thing I’m trying to say is that this boy is hot, hot, HOT! And Casey Jones is…not.

ZRE Podcast #29 TMNT And Letting Yourself Enjoy it

Cartoon Casey being crazy

Spider-Man Wouldn’t Work in Atlanta

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I love the superheroes in New York but there comes a time to put away childish things and realize that if your heroes were real, you would probably hate them.

If You Hate Lazy People, This is for You

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Lazy people, man…We don’t all have to invent whatever the modern day equivalent to the wheel would be (Psst! It’s a hexagon!) but if it weren’t for everybody else banding together to actually make things happen, we’d still be in the stone age humping tree stumps and banging our heads against walls we made.

“Lazy” word count: 19


Better Call Saul, Season 2

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Batman V Superman was good and I’m sure Captain America fighting Iron Man will have its moments but Chuck and Jimmy’s rivalry is making it hard to blink for fear I’m going to miss something. It keeps getting better.

I Hate Paying Taxes and You Can Too

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I will continue to pay them of course, but you can’t make me like it.

Guys- We Can’t Wear Gym Shorts in Public

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We’ve got some cool pants, we need to wear those. Not just for others, but for ourselves.

Rogue One: Bothan Death Show

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“Many Bothans died to bring us this information.”

And with that SINGLE SENTENCE, Disney will make billions. But man! I can’t wait to meet the Bothans! I bet they’ll be a riot! Also, I auditioned for Star Wars and it’s hard to watch.

RELEVANT: Kurt Russell’s audition for A New Hope.



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“Hey, up-and-coming musician. Did you put your blood, sweat, and tears into this new album of yours? Meh, your ability to relay your life’s work really feels kinda ‘C-‘ to me.”

“Ooh, but that new Katy Perry EP is JUST what the doctor ordered! Four stars! All the thumbs up!”

Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool when musicians get favorable reviews and I’m sure those articles make them feel proud, as they should. I just don’t see why it matters to the rest of us.

The new Deftones is awesome, by the way.

For a related articles on critics, click this sentence.

Hardcore Henry (SPOILERS)

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Hardcore Henry, aka The Six Million Dollar Man meets Crank, was great and it really made me want to let out my inner beast.

However, after the first try at making this video and being told that I can’t use everything I’d spent the last few hours on, I decided it’s better for me to calm down and spend some time with nature. And the highway.

Also, somebody tell me how to pronounce Sharlto Copley’s name. I love that guy but I’ve never known if I’m saying his name right.