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Do You Know Luther Strode?

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Wrote an article on this, but since I just finished the series because the series just finished, I wanted to speak a little more on the teachings of Strode.

Written by Justin Jordan, penciled by Tradd Moore, and colored by Felipe Sobreiro, if you’ve ever had the inclination to pick up a comic book, this should be an eye-opener.

Music Back Then Was Not Better By Default

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“Kids these days…” said by kids themselves, can end in a statement of wisdom beyond their years. But most of the time it’s used by them to take a high road that just isn’t there for them.

I can see it now- the kid you know who wears a Pink Floyd shirt somehow gets reincarnated in Pink Floyd’s heyday but whines about how “bands these days don’t use the accordion enough. I should have been born in the ’40s. My taste would be appreciated then.”

Cyclops For President, Y’all

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Ever been out with a group of people and you start to feel embarrassed? Nobody seems to be able to keep it together but you. You can’t help but think, “Am I the only sane one here?”

Welcome to Cyclops’ LIFE.

Fun drinking game: Take a shot every time I say the word “dump” in any form.


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I wasn’t going to post much about it really but if I don’t, I’m stifling myself.

Stand-Up Comedy is Hard

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It’s tough, man. Only the strongest survive. The strongest and Amy Schumer anyway.


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Like for like. Sub for sub.

This Could Have Made the 2016 Ghostbusters Better

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I’ve got to start making my titles a little more clickbaity and hating the “new” Ghostbusters is sure to be my ticket to the mainstream.

Originality and creativity are the best parts of writing yet we pretty much always forget how our own ideas came out in the first place. Give credit to your source.

Don’t Bring Your Baby to the Movies 2: A Security Story

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I used to kick people out of movie theaters and plenty of times, it involved crying babies. One of two videos leftover from my ‘Baby’ rant the other day. Getting as much mileage as I can out of that session.

One thing I’ve learned from my time as security is that people are highly irrational when it comes to their kids and though it’s understandable, it doesn’t necessarily keep you from looking like an idiot.


I’m Just Gonna Say it- I Didn’t Like Civil War’s Spider-Man

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I”ll be honest with you, this video sucks and I don’t make good points. It’s more leftovers from my ‘Baby’ videos.

But I needed to be the devil’s advocate if even for just a minute in a world where people want to touch Marvel’s junk simply because they pulled it out and said “Well? Here it is, now get to work.”

Bad Movie Titles: The Rise of Confusion

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Just click this and see what I mean.