I Love QuikTrip

Do you love anything as much as I love QuikTrip? No, I was not paid for this.

2 Responses to “I Love QuikTrip”

  1. foxsigh Says:

    Bro, check out Wawa. Quicktrip is following Wawa.


    Not to bring it down a few notches, and not to sound like a snobby new yorker either because I’m actually from philly actually, but since that’s north of you it could be possible to get us all confused through juxtaposition. Either way, I tune into your videos every time you post them, they’re entertaining and sometimes mildly insightful. Not kidding. They’re mostly great, keep making them.

    with ❤
    A crazy person.

    • Taylor Says:

      I’ve actually thought before that I would be okay with every gas station being QuikTrip, but no- you need the Wawas and even lesser gas stations if for no other reason than choices. Thanks for watching. I’m trying to up the quality.


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