I’m Just Gonna Say it- I Didn’t Like Civil War’s Spider-Man

I”ll be honest with you, this video sucks and I don’t make good points. It’s more leftovers from my ‘Baby’ videos.

But I needed to be the devil’s advocate if even for just a minute in a world where people want to touch Marvel’s junk simply because they pulled it out and said “Well? Here it is, now get to work.”

5 Responses to “I’m Just Gonna Say it- I Didn’t Like Civil War’s Spider-Man”

  1. Vincent Says:

    Hey man.
    First wanted to say it’s odd to see and hear what you sound like in person, as I didn’t envision you the one writing your post.
    After awhile, you do sound like the person who writes your post if that makes sense. I can see the energy and enthusiasm that you have in your ideas and opinions which somehow says “Yeah you got that ENTP vibe” to me.
    Agree with your points on Spider-Man, as I have read a fair number of issues of him.
    Was curious to hear your opinion on the Deadpool movie as I remember you saying they should not do a Deadpool movie in the first place. Did they do him justice this time?
    And also wanted to know your opinion on Ben Affleck’s Batman? Was he INTJ like the comics to you and did you like writing and material they gave for his characters.

    • Taylor Says:

      Oh, yeah I am happy to be proven wrong with the Deadpool movie. Fox FINALLY listened and it happened probably about as well as it could have happened. It means nothing to say that this DP was better than the ’09 version because that one was just so bad. But for the most part, I thought it was great. Some issues with certain effects and the roles certain characters played (What was Teenage Warhead doing in this movie with Cannonball’s power?), as well as the fact that Deadpool just isn’t as verbally crude as Ryan Reynolds and co. have made him out to be. He just isn’t and it gets old for me. But I would put the movie in the B+/A- category.
      Affleck’s Batman was INTJ I’d say, yeah. Much closer to the comic/cartoon Batman ultimately. I didn’t have a problem with the way he played the character. The entire movie is a mess to balance but I was cool with pretty much the whole thing aside from Jesse Eisenberg and a some cheesy dialogue, etc. Nowhere near the atrocity people made it out to be. Especially if you take time to appreciate the soundtrack.

      • Vincent Says:

        Batman v Superman to me was like a food dish to me, wonderful ingredients in there, but either overcooked, certain ingredients didn’t balance well together or should have not been on the dish.
        I saw the movie twice, hoping the second time I was hoping to see it differently in a more positive light. The problem I had in the second viewing which I had the same in the first viewing is the second act of the film, I struggled to stay awake where not much was happening, if the dialogue in general for the whole film was better, I would have an easier time staying awake and not feeling drained in that middle portion of the film.
        To me they either should have changed the title of the film or actually focused on the Batman v Superman aspect a lot more, I don’t like make a film being made for the sake of setting up future films, in this case the Justice League, I personally didn’t like the way the future JLA members were introduced through video files with so obvious logos. Aquaman reminded of Ben Stiller’s Zoolander merman.
        And in regards to the geography, I didn’t get a feel for either Metropolis or Gotham, I couldn’t feel or grasp what it is like to live in either city. It looked like Metropolis and Gotham was right next to each other which made them look like one big city overall separated only by the bay.

  2. spider Says:

    Yeah, I definitely feel like Pete was off in general. I do think he’s the best on-screen interpretation we’ve had so far, and who knows, he may be cool in Homecoming, but I hate young Peter too. Unless they’re going for an Ultimate type storyline, he really doesn’t meet his true friend circle until college. Unless they’re going the direction I fear they’re going based on casting, and that’s shoving his friend circle aside for making up new characters. Which would piss me off incredibly.

    But, yeah, Pete makes digs. He doesn’t sound goofy in battle. “Wow, a metal arm? So cool!” Pete would never say this in the comics. In the comics, when he’s nervous in battle, he makes fun of the other person. It’s what he does.

    And yeah, I groaned at the ESB joke too. Pete would be the biggest Star Wars nerd ever. He would know Hoth, he would know they’re called AT-ATs, and he would never call it that really old movie.

    • Taylor Says:

      Yeah, I’m getting surprisingly positive feedback on this one. I expected that because Tom Holland appears to be a competent actor then people would think I was saying he did a bad job. Not at all, I just don’t like the kiddie stuff. The suit was cool too, with the eyes changing size and all.


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