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So They’re Making A Tetris Movie Trilogy

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So what’s the story on this? Are the blocks rebuilding the motherland? At least when they forced a Fantastic Four movie on us, we all dealt with it knowing a good movie could be made; this doesn’t even have the promise of a real foundation. Interesting way to “feel out” the thoughts of the masses by announcing this while the producer of the upcoming trilogy also states “No one has come even remotely close to figuring out what we’re doing.”

Yeah. We know.

Original article. No, it’s not from The Onion.

3D Movies Are Just Terrible in Every Way

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Hollywood loves their trends, from blockbusters every other weekend to using phrases like “We’ve got company!” in every action movie ever.

But 3D sucks. Hollywood will only take their little schemes are far as people let them.

Harry Potter and the Guy Who Just Watched All the Movies

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I spent a good 20 hours of my life watching all the Harry Potter movies and this is the opinion I have after watching them.

MBTI: Harry Potter

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I’ve got one more Harry Potter post on the way, you should get a kick out of it. And by get a kick out of it, I mean you might be mildly pleased and then immediately move on.

Harry Potter- ISFP

Dumbledore- INFJ

Hermione- ESTJ


Voldemort- ENTJ

Hagrid- ESFJ

Snape- INTJ

Luna Lovegood- INFP or INTP?


MBTI: Dumbledore- INFJ

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Oh man. Here he is. The INFJ wizard to end all INFJ wizards. Okay, maybe not but still.

When an INFJ sage-like character is written and/or performed well, they can often walk the line of appearing like an ENFJ or even an INTP. Their wise, thoughtful attitudes and friendly disposition can often invoke the better qualities of several other types that seem to go beyond one personality. But nope, there can be only one. Continue reading

MBTI: Luna Lovegood- INFP or INTP?

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To some it may be obvious what the weirdest kid at Hogwarts might be, but examining all the evidence, there’s a pretty good bit to suggest she might be the dreamiest dreamer or the thinkiest thinker. I’m working on making “thinkiest” a real word.

While Ravenclaw doesn’t seem to make too much of an impact on the overarching story of Harry Potter, an introduction to Luna gives us an idea of the type of student that makes up the house. Intelligent, offbeat, and pretty freaking weird. Let’s get into it. Continue reading


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A great representation of the INTJ who’s real master plan you never saw coming until it was too late, Severus Snape’s backstory has got to be the saddest in all of Harry Potter lore.

We’ll be going over some aspects to the INTJ they don’t like to talk about until you pretend they don’t understand that side of humanity. What am I talking about? You’ll see. Continue reading