MBTI: Ron Weasley- ESFP


This is a bit of an obvious one, ey?

The bumbling sidekick who isn’t as talented as the main hero? Check? Comic relief? Check. Always willing to put themselves in dangerous situations with hardly any thought to their own safety? Oh yeah. Though his competence still shows through from time to time.

There are plenty of ways to write an ESFP but in stories like these, the funny right-hand man is needed not only for levity in an otherwise dark story, but to give our hero something to bounce off of. Being heroic with no one around is much harder to write than if you have the best friend around who doesn’t mind pointing out how insane the current situation is. That’s Ron.

While the character is written as more skilled in the books, the movies have still done a good job of writing Ron as the Lovable Coward in many ways in the sense that he often whines, complains, and shows fear quite easily, this character isn’t of the Jar Jar variety. When things get serious, he doesn’t mind stepping up and doing what needs to be done.

And this owl? This owl is the muscle.

And this owl? This owl is the muscle.

ESFPs can often appear the same way, the guys specifically. Their feelings on a subject either present themselves sporadically or bluntly, saying whatever is on their mind. And if you’re around someone that actually says whatever they’re thinking or feeling, that doesn’t always result in nonstop cool one-liners but some pretty honest questions others might feel too stupid to ask. But the ESFP doesn’t have that barrier.

Dominant Se is in the moment, auxiliary Fi makes up the user’s principles and has the ESFP acting on their feelings right then because there’s no better time than right now to say what they want to say. Ron is known to cuss a bit in the books and in the films say exactly what the audience is thinking. If you had an INTJ best friend in these stories, you wouldn’t be hearing any of the warnings Harry gets. Also, you might think Harry is going to be stabbed in the back at any moment for the sake of a Face-Heel-Turn. But we’ll get to that later…

The biggest problem ESFPs, like Ron, face is their desire to live in the now and forget what’s good for their future. Out of the main trio, it’s not Hermione or Harry forgetting their homework or feeling inadequate by skills they don’t possess as much as Ron is shown to be. Due to his upbringing and a bunch of seemingly-talented siblings, Ron certainly has a variety of skills as most of the characters in these stories d. However, in comparison to those around him, Ron is left wanting and with an inferiority complex.

He's got a lot of people to compete with.

He’s got a lot of people to compete with.

This isn’t to say this is how ESFPs are, but it’s a good example of an ESFP with a complex like this. It’s not really made a secret that Ron is jealous of Harry or his brothers as he makes it known as it’s happening but it does continue to build into something of a grudge. But just like reality, this issue has got to be dealt with all the same and Ron eventually does this by destroying the locket/Horcrux in the final book/Deathly Hallows Pt I. That act in itself is symbolic for Ron growing up and doing what needs to be done rather than whining about how dangerous and scary the world is.

Since Fi and Te work in tandem, Ron’s bluntness on his view of things can be attributed to this and his matter-o-fact way of speaking. This can easily alienate others and have them feel as though the ESFP is an insensitive jerk without regard to the feelings of others. This can be made especially irritating since it would often seem like the ESFP themselves are quick to be offended or annoyed should someone say something they don’t like.

But to people that know the ESFP best, it’s understood that the ESFP often doesn’t think about what’s smartest but just what is. And while this trait can and should be tamed, it also brings with it a very practical sense of the world few other types can match. Ron may show his disdain or love for whatever the current situation brings but there aren’t any questions as to who’s side he’s on.




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