MBTI: Hermione Granger- ESTJ


If you had to think of the know-it-all character that actually might know it all, Hermione is a great character. While it may be tough to balance the lead, the funny guy, and the smart one without making any of them too bland and stereotypical, all characters pull off their tropes with unique flair.

Much of Hermione’s traits appear in the form an ESTJ’s would; often times correct, many times difficult to handle. Smart, competent and direct, Hermione shows off some of the best traits an ESTJ character can display. Crazy how often they’re portrayed as the villain but with Te as their first function, it’s no wonder why.

Fresh off the Voldemort post, there’s only so much to write about the way a Te-dominant person/character handles their business. Hermione doesn’t think twice before raising her hand to answer a question after knowing all the answers the professor might not even know. And could her little twelve-year old mouth open any wider than when The Sorcerer’s Stone Hermione is correcting Ron and Harry or telling them they shouldn’t be doing whatever-it-is they’re doing?

Te wants business to handle and they want to jump right into it.

And could her hair be any bigger?

And could her hair be any bigger?

But Hermione’s Te isn’t back by Ni as the Dark Lord’s is, but Si (Introverted Sensing) which relates the user’s way of processing new data to what the user has previously associated it with. For example, when Hermione is looking to transport her and Harry and Ron to a safe place during the attack on Bill’s wedding, she takes them where her and her family used to go when she was a kid. And that’s not the only time it happens.

This can help to explain how SJs view the past as well. If you look through history, we should then know what to avoid and what to do. After all, history repeats itself anyway, right? That’s the SJ way of things. How they act in the present is a combination of things, as it is for all of us, but for the SJs, nothing takes more precedence than what their own history has taught them. This, over trying the new and unheard of.

This isn’t to say the ESTJ can’t think for themselves of course, just to speak to the level of commitment they have to what they consider to be important. The reason Hermione is so well-versed in magic and has such an in-depth knowledge of things is…well, she reads. a lot.

The stereotype with NFs is their penchant for wisdom, for NTs, their intelligence. But SJs can ascertain and display a wide variety of skills and information as Hermione shows throughout the series and helps to show the type of intelligence they often bring to the table.

Out of the different kinds of intelligence, Hermione is shown to be a near (if not complete) genius academically speaking, being the first to master whatever spell the class is learning. ESTJs, due in part to Te, will attempt to stomp their way to the top of the totem pole in whichever field they’ve taken in an interest. And partly due to their steadfastness in picking up the habits, they will just as soon drop them.

I’ve often spoke of ESTJ hot-and cold, black-and-white attitude toward life and Hermione is no exception. She can withdraw at times and many an ESTJ might even seem introverted…for a time. But when they’re on, they can’t be stopped. As mentioned, Hermione is top of her class and the only way any one seems to top her is by cheating with the book previously owned by the Half-Blood Prince… Harry, you little jerk. This is a stance Hermione makes sure Harry understands.

These looks tell us everything we need to know about these characters.

These looks tell us everything we need to know about these characters.

But the ESTJ function of Ne, their tertiary also serves a purpose. With Ne finding hidden meanings behind things, it works in conjunction with their Si to allow them to read into the motives of others and act as they see fit. It doesn’t mean that they’re the great people readers of type, but in their own way, they’ll help how they can. It often won’t be emotionally speaking, as the ESTJ feeling function if Fi inferior, but they’ll do what they can and as much as they can. Take Hermione’s advice to her two clueless guy friends when she attempts to help them figure out how to deal with asking out a date.

One lesson ESTJs could learn, if not everyone, from Hermione, is the importance of experience. While not all ESTJs are book worms, Hermione herself had a lot to learn over the course of the story that her knowledge certainly helped, but some things you just can’t know about until you experience them.

All the same, she may not have been the main character, but we all know The Boy Who Lived couldn’t have made it through without her.



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