It could have only come down to two choices, right? INTJ or ENTJ. We must have gone over the differences a hundred times by now but there’s always a new way to word it.

Tom Marvolo, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Tom Riddle, You-Know-Who; they’re all named to denote the most evil of evil. The guy who has about as much going for him as Satan himself. But unlike the only other type he could be confused for, the INTJ, Voldemort, once powerful enough, prefers to literally be on the front lines of the battle, making sure he’s seen. Because hiding in the shadows isn’t nearly as much fun as destroying the light head-on. Not when you’ve got the power anyway.

Having created a merry band of followers known as Death-Eaters, Voldemort’s desire is to kill Harry Potter and be the undisputed most powerful being in existence. It’s not enough to have the reputation he does, he’s got to show that he’s the best.

"LAUGH, cronies, LAUGH!"

“LAUGH, cronies, LAUGH!”

In a post showing the differences between INTJ and ENTJ with Death Note’s Near and Light, a commenter said that I might have overstated the ENTJ charisma a bit in a point to show a distinction between the two NTs. I mention that while the INTJ has the intellect to put their plans in motion, they don’t always have the powers of persuasion an ENTJ will carry with them as a part of their character.

This is true in a sense, but it’s not to imply ENTJs are the great leaders and lovers of people that say, ENFJs are. ENTJs prowess lies in reiterating their vision to others in such a way that coerces people to envision the promise of what could be…while fearing the consequences of what could happen if they say no.

In reality this could be as simple of being an offered a part in a pyramid scheme by a dominating friend. In Voldemort’s world, it hardly goes without saying. It’s quite clear his followers do as he says even when his physical form is absent not only because well, they’re evil themselves and naturally follow the most powerful; but also because to not follow through with their master’s plans won’t end well for them.

Contrast to Dumbledore, whose disciples do everything they can to fulfill what he wants for his respect and the betterment of everyone rather than for fear of punishment.

Though it is mentioned that before Voldemort become the literal snake-faced wacko he is, his time spent as a student at Hogwarts involved manipulation of the staff and faculty still. Not in the genuinely charming way certain other types might use as a means to get what they want but by casually playing up to the target’s knowledge and other times outright lying. This, taken to the point where the victim knows who the culprit is but cannot do anything about it by the time it’s been realized.

"I'm about to 'boink' your forehead, Harry!"

“I’m about to ‘boink’ your forehead, Harry!”

Such as the framing of Hagrid or the “subtle” squeezing of information on Horcruxes from Professor Slughorn.

Another way to go about it would be to keep yourself out of the picture altogether or to carry out said manipulation over such a long period of time no one would suspect a long-time confidante. But the ENTJ Voldemort gains the respect of others through sheer talent and skill while his peers don’t refuse much when pressed for answers.

The dominant Te (Extroverted Thinking) used by ENTJs can easily get them confused with ESTJs (Both also using inferior Fi). Crushingly cold logic comes first and apparently, we’re all idiots for ever thinking things should be any different. The heavy Te-users you know are probably highly productive individuals who often seem to put the task before anything and anyone. Clearly, this can be a positive in the workplace but it also lends itself to the Te-user forgetting that not everyone is there to do what they want and wait around for more orders. Unless they’re in the military. And even then, there’s limits, my man.

Because even if the ENTJ does get their way the majority of the time, all it will do is develop a bigger sense of entitlement in a type that doesn’t know when to stop as it is.

Again, this can be a good thing but there should always be a threshold. In Voldemort’s case, even faithful followers like Snape (As far as Voldemort was concerned) should pay the price if it means even appearing as though they might get in the way of the bigger picture the ENTJ has in mind. Their auxiliary Ni (Introverted Intuition) helps to devise a highly specific plan (NOTE: Ni helping to make a plan is not the same thing as planning) that can’t be tampered with, unless you wanna get Avra Kadavra’d.

Surprisingly, I did not see this little gem at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Surprisingly, I did not see this little gem at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


One Response to “MBTI: VOLDEMORT- ENTJ”

  1. Shane McDowell Says:

    Voldermort is INTJ, no extroversion or dom Te at all, Ni dom


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