MBTI: Harry Potter

I’ve got one more Harry Potter post on the way, you should get a kick out of it. And by get a kick out of it, I mean you might be mildly pleased and then immediately move on.

Harry Potter- ISFP

Dumbledore- INFJ

Hermione- ESTJ


Voldemort- ENTJ

Hagrid- ESFJ

Snape- INTJ

Luna Lovegood- INFP or INTP?



2 Responses to “MBTI: Harry Potter”

  1. I would certainly class luna as INFP! As an INTP i see only a few similarities between me and her. She certainly does not base her decisions off of logic!

  2. Rosemonde Legault Says:

    Snape is definitly an ISTJ, not an INTJ. INTJs are quiet leaders, Snape, although courageous, prefers to follow orders; and ISTJ are sensitive souls that long for social acknowledgement. Hence : totally ISTJ.


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