MBTI: Harry Potter



I’ve got one more Harry Potter post on the way, you should get a kick out of it. And by get a kick out of it, I mean you might be mildly pleased and then immediately move on.

Harry Potter- ISFP

Dumbledore- INFJ

Hermione- ESTJ


Voldemort- ENTJ

Hagrid- ESFJ

Snape- INTJ

Luna Lovegood- INFP or INTP?


3 Responses to “MBTI: Harry Potter”

  1. I would certainly class luna as INFP! As an INTP i see only a few similarities between me and her. She certainly does not base her decisions off of logic!

  2. Rosemonde Legault Says:

    Snape is definitly an ISTJ, not an INTJ. INTJs are quiet leaders, Snape, although courageous, prefers to follow orders; and ISTJ are sensitive souls that long for social acknowledgement. Hence : totally ISTJ.

  3. Baby Goat Says:

    I think Voldemort gets mistyped as an ENTJ when he comes off more as an INFJ. As opposed to Te, Voldemort leads with Ni. He is very “big picture” oriented and efficient in long-range planning and striking at opportune moments, always preferring to stick to the shadows instead of asserting himself like a Te-dom would.

    Voldemort’s firm belief that his way is the right way, which denotes an unhealthy amount of Fe, which is his secondary function, as opposed to a secondary Te like Palpatine who would make decisions based on what is objectively sound. His patience and reliance on secrecy to carry out his plans come in full display especially at the climax of Book 2 and Book 4.


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