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My Cowboy Bebop Cast

Posted in Videos! with tags , , , on 07/28/2016 by McCutcheon

If a live-action adaption of this insanely good gateway anime were made, this is who I would pick. Sorry, but Keanu’s ship has long sailed…

And since this is never gonna happen, might as well dream of what could be. That’s all life is anyway, right…?

Side note: Bigger actors were named for this because unknowns that would be perfect are…unknown.

The Neon Demon/Tickled/Star Trek Beyond

Posted in Videos! with tags , , , , on 07/26/2016 by McCutcheon

This video may as well have been titled “Me VS Technology” because I have had one stretched-out, horrible time trying to get this new computer and editing program to work for me.

Remember that line in Se7en when Morgan Freeman tells Brad Pitt, “If John Doe’s head splits open and a UFO should fly out, I want you to have expected it”? That’s the advice I give you if you watch The Neon Demon and Tickled. And Star Trek Beyond? Well, it was definitely Star Trek.