I’m “Too Critical” of The Bourne Movies

I love a good movie every now and then that gives me a hero worth admiring for their attributes beyond the borders of reality. But c’mon man, not like this.

Be it the camera man suffering from Parkinson’s or the cold and stagnant dialogue of “Special Director in Charge of Extraditious Affairs” and all nine of his cronies trying to track down Matt Damon from the control center, these movies annoy me.

4 Responses to “I’m “Too Critical” of The Bourne Movies”

  1. It’s nothing but Bournography.

  2. herman Says:

    I’ve just found:
    Words are losing their power. Not even Jason Bourne can save them now
    The new Matt Damon film shows how Hollywood’s search for global markets comes at the expense of decent dialogue. Nowadays real life has all the best lines

    The trailer for the new Jason Bourne film progresses much as you might expect. There is running over roofs. There is jumping through windows. There are tense stares in secret government bunkers.

    Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass: ‘We’ll never say never again’

    And there is gruff, urgent dialogue: Matt Damon says things like: “This is Jason Bourne”, and “I know who I am”, and “I remember everything”. In the trailer, he delivers eight economical lines – which, it has emerged, is about a third of his total in the entire film.

    Maybe, that’s why you don’t like Bourne movies.


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