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Save the Day (Flatulence Edition)

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Celebrities, voting, farting.


Let Celebrities Decide Your Vote

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If you don’t think voting is rigged to begin with, make the most of it and actually look into the policies of the candidates rather than listen to three minutes of Joss Whedon using celebrities to try and manipulate you. For some reason they think anyone old enough to vote will listen to them.


MBTI: SP and NFs, You Suck

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Best enjoyed with friends and a hammer.

MBTI: SJ and NTs, You Suck

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Here you go. SP/NF being posted later.

Breaking Up With Iceman

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It’s been a long road for my gay, iced-up homey but me and he are just gonna have to call it quits. I hate to say it, he just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I’ve moved onto guys who KNOW how to use their sweet ice powers and set their aspirations higher than some pencil pushing accountant!

Rule 34 and Stuff

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A lot of people think certain characters in stories should have their sexual orientation changed or perhaps get together with another character due to their interpretation of what writers have laid out. Sometimes the writers themselves play with this out of laziness or for shock value.

But something about two characters existing makes some people want to draw them banging each others’ brains out.

“Oh, well they hugged one time in this arc and you could TOTALLYYYY feel they wanted to do it!!!”

And I hate it. I’m skimming the surface on this video but that’s doing you a favor.


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Zack Snyder and the DCEU are in it to win it and you need to wrap your inferior PEA BRAINS AROUND THAT AND I WILL NOT TOLERATE A DIFFERENT OPINION.

Let’s beat a dead horse, shall we?

Part 1 is here.

MBTI: ‘Brutally Honest’ Retrospect/Online INTJs

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A couple years ago, I wrote this post on the Myers Briggs type theory where I broke down each of the 16 types by their flaws, if I can simplify. Now I’m talking about that article because I’m a narcissist.

Also, yes, my face is really red in this one.

Social Punching Experiment

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Some people just need a good punching. But I wouldn’t punch someone just because I didn’t like them, but because I think it could be what they need to put them in their place; whether that means bringing them up or putting them down.

Phone Culture

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This wasn’t a problem a decade ago. Who can I blame that isn’t me?