While many disappointments occurred playing it for the first time this time last year, coming back to the game months later, I find myself enjoying the game even more for different reasons.

You gonna tell me body-slamming kids and sending them screaming into the sky isn’t awesome?

4 Responses to “MGSV: ONE YEAR LATER”

  1. metalGearDork Says:

    #4) I have two theories about this aspect. First one: everything about the medical bay exists so they could include venom’s subconscious memories of paz, so it might not be potentially real, therefore misspellings could make sense. Secondly and this is more of a stretch but, the virus IS linguistic….

    #5) A fundamental image in mgs lore is the double helix. It’s referenced I believe in every single game, the only two that I can think of immediately are in the original and two. In the original, the twin com towers at the top of which liquid and solid duke it out. In sons of liberty, the intro has a ton of double helix imagery which reference memes (i think)and are loosely pointed at since the big shell is a pair of nodes as well. In order to enter the jeep ride, you have to climb a long winding (double helix anyone?)stair case which is quite similar to the com tower. You go for that ride where Skull face spills all of his guts to you talking about linguistics and how they control populations en masse(nations/cypher/diamond dogs) and then immediately after that he’s killed off AND Venom proceeds to kill that which destroyed Skull. In a sense this is like the passing of the torch from Skull to Venom. Both of them were robbed of their identity and their faces were replaced with something that a higher source decided to bestow upon them. There are an array of paths of detail that this can relate through but I really don’t feel like going nuts atm. So, I’ll just close with one last point of asymmetry: the jeep ride is a reference to the jeep ride in the beginning of ground zeroes, AND it leaves from a location called okb ZERO. Resetting the stage? Ok then Be Zero… Because we’re killing Skullface, you get to be the new zero, ok? I don’t claim any facts here, it’s all theory.

    • Taylor Says:

      #4 is an interesting one. I’m gonna need to think about this. But #5 is crazy. I love it. I’m gonna have to replay those parts of the games to see how it might match up. You’re sending muh brain into overdrive.

      • metalGearDork Says:


        I’m that long winded game dev guy that talked with ya a few years ago via email(initiated contact via the evil dead post). I genuinely enjoy your videos.

        I believe that you understand what it’s like to think about so many things at once that most people around you think you’re crazy. That’s what life is like for an ENTP. Don’t stop making your videos man, often your entries are what allow me to stay sane because I realize that I’m not alone.

        I’ve been intentionally self teaching MBTI because I want to have a complete understanding of it so it can be implemented into a robust form of character oriented game play. Your entries have been my anchor to learn through, which is not to say that I haven’t drawn from other sources as well, (Michael pierce probably being the other primary source), but the way that you often juxtapose the types against fictions that I enjoy or understand has enabled me to more clearly understand MP’s entries. If I never got to hear your breakdowns, his would have blown my mind too far away.

        I found out about you because I had always been so fascinated by Sons of Liberty and what it had to say about digital information, while trying to understand the mbti I typed: raiden mbti and you showed up towards the top of the search.

        You’re a speaker who thouroughly covers a very niche combination of factors and topics, so just remember that quantity does not equal quality.


        • Taylor Says:

          Oh hey man. I saw your comment on YT. That’s a huge thing, I appreciate that (the whole comment). It was pretty much the goal with MBTI stuff; break it down in such a way that the more intelligent people like Pierce would be given ample platform because otherwise, it can be tough, as an outsider, to just dive in. Interesting too that you’d mention MGS2 as that one has been the most difficult to understand but seems to have been the most impactful in the long run.

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