MBTI: ‘Brutally Honest’ Retrospect/Online INTJs

A couple years ago, I wrote this post on the Myers Briggs type theory where I broke down each of the 16 types by their flaws, if I can simplify. Now I’m talking about that article because I’m a narcissist.

Also, yes, my face is really red in this one.

5 Responses to “MBTI: ‘Brutally Honest’ Retrospect/Online INTJs”

  1. Reblogged this on Cultural Disasters and commented:
    Taylor kind of sort of shits on INTJs and then brings it all back to perspective. Huge fan of this guy. Love him.

  2. Hahaha,, this gave me a good laugh, I can actually “feel” your words, I don’t get this supperiority complex by some intjs, I mean what you are, how you operate, how you translate your thoughts, is what makes you you,, not what a type profile says you should be. I’m “supposed” to be an intj,, but I hate it when some say “we”, “us”,, why do you think your thoughts represent me, why do I have to act a certain way under a certain name,, to be a “certain” Person.. i just don’t get it. Thanks a lot Taylor, I root for you!

  3. Kira Lange Says:

    “ya dingus :D”

  4. Ragarding this speciffic occurence, I found your narcissism rather worthwhile and pleasant. Even with red face.

  5. Michelle Says:

    According to most quizzes I am an INTJ, and although I can perfectly see myself fitting that description (highly analytical planning control freak with little to none consideration of others in an individual basis, especially growing up) I understand that as a group we can be highly arrogant people.

    Reading your original post I think you proved something that most INTJ (at least online) do not understand; lack of empathy is not a good thing. The problem I have seen, is that for most INTJ getting to know your own type could be as harmful as it could be useful.
    Having this “superiority” support group behind you does not help you improve, apparently. I used to see these traits in myself more often when I was younger, again, I think maturity and understanding empathy in everyday relationship has a lot to do with it.
    I still struggle with people, and I still believe that people closest to me just “tolerate” me, because I can barely tolerate myself. I try to make this less of a burden for others, but then it becomes a source of exhaustion for me as well.

    I think in general we are misunderstood people and our main struggle is understanding ourselves.


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