Let Celebrities Decide Your Vote

If you don’t think voting is rigged to begin with, make the most of it and actually look into the policies of the candidates rather than listen to three minutes of Joss Whedon using celebrities to try and manipulate you. For some reason they think anyone old enough to vote will listen to them.


3 Responses to “Let Celebrities Decide Your Vote”

  1. metalGearDork Says:

    That same condescending smug face is used on like… Most cgi movie posters. The characters pitched at younger audiences are always projected in a light which gives a glow of being “edgier” then that audience.

    I see that and consider that the target audience are people who are like you said much younger or older people who wear the t shirts with tweety bird or dopey projecting that same smug gaze.

    It’s psyche manipulation by corporations to wrangle the minds of vulnerable people.

    • Taylor Says:

      True. I think it’s just weird how out-in-the-open it is. There’s not really a way to cover it up and do it so they stand in bright lights and say “HERE’S WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO.” I give up on any “heroes” that tell me that.

  2. Sandra Says:

    Nice …

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