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5 Movies/Scenes That Disturbed My Childhood

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Happy Halloween, I’m damaged!

Why is My Face So Red

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Here’s a quick one. We’ve all got defects. I know I may seem perfect but then you get a good look at my face and I look like Violet Beauregard’s brother, Cherry. Or Strawberry. Or Tomato. Yeah, Tomato Beauregard. Let’s go with that.


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Bollywood is the Hindi Hollywood. Yeah, can you believe that? They produce more films each year than Americans do. Do they suck as often? Well, that’s up to you. Singham is one of those movies and it’s needs to be thoroughly examined. Within seven minutes or so anyway.

MBTI: Vox Doesn’t Understand MBTI

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Title says it all.

Gritty Origin Stories

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Power Rangers is Hollywood’s next big “Realified” project; AKA, we somehow make teenagers with superpowers and dinosaur robots bland and boring in an attempt to be realistic. Why bother being “realistic?” We’ve got to stretch this franchise out, man! THE KIDS WANT SLOW BEGINNINGS AND AMPLE BACKSTORY, C’MON.

Also, this the channel trailer as well.

Working Out Is Actually Really Easy

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You shouldn’t have to be featured on your MASSIVE deathbed as a freak-of-the-week on TLC to say “Hey, maybe I should have done a couple jumping jacks when my legs could support my body.”

And you don’t need to worry about being a muscle bound weirdo who walks around like the reflection of a funhouse mirror unless you’re making it a lifestyle choice.

You don’t have to be Captain America, just do some stretches, drink a little more water, and go from there. you’ll like how it feels.

Rich Piana Video

My 600LB Life video

Neutral Voters and Bill Maher Sucks

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I don’t like famous people manipulating others into voting for their candidate and I really hate Bill Maher’s nose. Now that I’ve made this, I’m immediately sick of the election.

If you don’t know who Bill Maher is, he’s a comedian who also thinks he’s got the best idea on what the country should do with itself. This is not unlike a science-fiction author starting a religion people actually put stock in.

Maher is also a great example of what happens when evolution spawns a nose first and decides to ‘wing it’ from there.

Original Maher episode in question.

Joss Whedon and the Temple of Doom

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If haters really do make you famous then I guess Joss Whedon owes his entire career to me.

You say this article is three years old, I say it will be forever stupid.

Joss Whedon fans, let’s still be friends.

The article in question.

The Goat-Wrangling Life Chose Me

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You don’t know fear until you’ve looked a goat in the eyes.

Chris Hansen Continues God’s Work

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To Catch a Predator was a television show that ran from 2004-2007 and featured TV reporter Chris Hansen and his elaborate team of sex predator catchers doing exactly what I just implied- catching predators.

After a hiatus that has spanned a few years, Hansen and company are back at it again with Hansen VS Predator.

To clarify, “Pedo” or “Pedophiles” aren’t necessarily correct terms for many of the suspects, many of whom actually have never had sexual contact with a minor and should therefore be labeled “potential sexual predator.”

Nobody reads these, just putting that out there.