‘Stranger Things’ Steve Harrington

Who’s that guy with Nancy Wheeler? It’s Steve Harrington, you idiot. He’s the best looking, most popular boy in Hawkins, Indiana. Do you want to die tonight? Then LEARN STEVE HARRINGTON’S NAME.

Netflix’s original show, ‘Stranger Things,’ is not only a hit, it’s actually really good. One thing that helps to drive this home is the time taken to flesh out the characters and Steve is good example of this.

2 Responses to “‘Stranger Things’ Steve Harrington”

  1. (Sorry, I didn’t know how else to directly contact you with me being so isolated) You probably don’t take requests, and so am again sorry to ask you if you could guess the types of Amélie Poulain from the film Amélie and T.E. Lawrence from real life. I have been having trouble with the types of these two for months now with the web saying they’re INFP and INTJ, respectively. It’s alright if you won’t. But, I have to say that I greatly admire your site, and more so the accuracy of your judgements, especially those concerning characters like Vision, Sherlock (the INTJ controversy), and even Gandalf.

    • Taylor Says:

      Thanks for reading/commenting, always appreciated. I also think Amélie is an INFP and actually think of her as one of the defining INFP characters in fiction. So if you had to give an example of each type in film, you couldn’t go wrong with her. Let me get back to you on TE Lawrence.


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