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The 16 Best Things in 2016

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2016 kicked a lot of people’s balls in, for better and for worse. But here are some good things about it. At least for me anyway. This video may be too long for people named Garrett and Sallie.

Lena Dunham is like, SOOO Cool with Abortion

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When you or I say stupid stuff to fit in, we might elaborate on a story we’re telling or say we’ve listened to a band we’ve never actually heard of. When Lena Dunham says stupid stuff to fit in, she talks about wishing she had a pregnancy to terminate. WhOOoOaa! Edgy!

“OOOH giiiirl, you’ll never just where I came from! The abortion clinic! Yes way! Totes amazeballs, I hardly felt a thing even though I kinda wish I woulda, just to get the full experience, ya know??”

Uncharted 5: Nathan Drake Line-O-Rama

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I only played the fourth one and this is what I got from it. Always remember that when your life is in danger, be sure to have a “HEH. [ENTER QUIP HERE]” so you can do your adventuring in style.

Adam Saleh is an Idiot

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Famous Pranky Prank man Adam Saleh was kicked off a Delta plane (while it was still on the ground) and is claiming racism. Every single other person says differently.

Delta may have racist people working for them but that doesn’t mean Adam Saleh isn’t a fame whore with a victim complex. Don’t believe him.

Does Anybody Else Think ‘Rogue One’ Wasn’t Great?

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I seem to be the only one who was kinda let down by it.

MBTI: When They’re Not Actually That Type

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There’s a lot more to say about this topic but I tried to keep it short and stay on track for once.

Shout out to Carolyn, whose name I mentioned and then edited out for time. BOW TO MY SUPREME KNOWLEDGE.

Commercials Think They Know My Life

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Am I being a bit dramatic with this one? Yes. But then again, so are the companies making these miniature soap operas to get you to buy their multi-flavored corn syrup and 5000 dollar doodle pads.