MBTI: When They’re Not Actually That Type

There’s a lot more to say about this topic but I tried to keep it short and stay on track for once.

Shout out to Carolyn, whose name I mentioned and then edited out for time. BOW TO MY SUPREME KNOWLEDGE.

5 Responses to “MBTI: When They’re Not Actually That Type”

  1. The main thing is that you would use the 4 usual functions for that type, in a logical order which pretty much makes it a sure thing. Especially one’s relationship with their 4th, inferior function. The tests are truly mostly malarkey as a 50/50 axis doesn’t really take into account the 4 functions, which pretty much are a defining characteristic for each type. I used to run my friends through the tests, but ya they were obviously wonky. You gotta dig a little deeper to really type someone, as I don’t really feel comfortable making a lot of assumptions about anyone. I am like the archtypical INFP, but my Se is really well developed. But the 4 functions of INFP are like pretty much my cognitive warship🙂

  2. Oswald Says:

    Hello. I would really like it if you made a post about how to type yourself correctly, either with some information or a test of your own. I’m sure you could figure out how to make it work. Still, I think you would be reliable to make a way to type yourself. You seem to really understand the material, so I’m basically asking for help.

  3. Dustin Says:

    The INTJ part. Dead on general stereotype carried by unaware online INTJs. And trying to explain type or challenge that is pointless…

  4. Self Bias + Forer effect = delusional [SF]

    -INTP here who’s sick of typOs, and NTs who make them (double entendre intended).

    +I wish I was an INTJ too, however, reality-check, I’m a lazy-ass nerd with a Google addiction and an RNG behavioural ‘pattern’.

  5. Jessie Says:

    “I’m an intj too” / “like if you’re an intj” / “intj’s unite!”
    Geez, if one was a real intj, they would not post these kind of things nor would they like/reply to them. Like honestly out of all the mbti types, intj’s would be one of the most likely to be OFFENDED if someone said they were also an intj.

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