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March of the Juggalos 2017

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Insane Clown Posse and their fans, the Juggalos and Juggalettes, are still around in 2017. Not only that, they plan on invading some city to stomp around in for a few hours to say that they’re harmless. Imagine the majority will be too winded to actually march but it’s the meth-head Juggalos that will keep the party going. Excuse me, I meant “march.” Not “party.”

The Punching of Richard Spencer

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It doesn’t make you right because somebody else is wrong.

A Short Story About DIP

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Here is a short story about the grossest thing that ever happened to me. It only took 5 seconds but it was enough to scar me for life. I guess life anyway. I’m not dead yet and I might forget this in a few more years.

Ashley Judd Ruined TED Talks

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Nobody should be harassed, right? Fair enough. But the internet is where we all put our understanding of free speech to use. Some people use these rights poorly, while others get on stage at TED Talks and use them poorly in different ways. Also they are celebrities named Ashley Judd.

Is MGTOW as Retarded as it Seems?

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For guys who claim to be going their own way, there’s a lot of focus on the opposite sex.

Don’t Be Like Gersh

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Writer for the New York Daily Post Gersh Kuntzman fired a gun last year and it was pretty traumatic for him. He even got PTSD from it! Maybe it’s more reasonable in his case seeing as how he went to re-live the experience of a recent shooter attack and claim it was to understand why gun-lovers love guns.

Gersh’s first article and Gersh’s second article.

BuzzFeed Pees on Themselves

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I guess it makes sense for BuzzFeed to “break the news” since they were co-founded by a co-founder of The Huffington Post and they collaborate (IE, OBEY) CNN. This is all so stupid.