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MBTI: Changing Your Type

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Let me show you how to be a personality chamillionaire.

A Metal Gear Solid Movie is Happening

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A Metal Gear Solid movie?! A Hind D?!

And OUTTA NOWHERE, ‘Kong: Skull Island’ director Jordan Vogt-Roberts gives an interview about his involvement with the Metal Gear Solid movie. Is it actually happening then?

Butthole tightens….NOW.


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Been defending a lot of “Nazis” lately. Have I got anti-Semitic my self or is the media on a witch hunt? Maybe both? Maybe the latter? Yes, it’s the latter.

Dear Whitey McCrackerBread

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Dear White People was a decent movie that, for some reason, is now being adapted into a show. Aside from how lazy that is, the trailer for it, and at least one of the writers, isn’t doing it any favors.

I don’t care if people watch it or not, but BY GOD will I exercise my right to complain about it.

Chris Evans’ Twitter Makes Him Look Stupid

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We’re all annoyed by people who mouth off 24/7 but for some reason, we like quotes about saying whatever you want whenever you feel like it. Having a stance on an important issue is good, but having good judgement is what allows you to discern what’s important in the first place AND what to do about it if anything at all.

What I’m trying to say is that Chris Evans doesn’t know what he’s talking about.


Why I Love Violence (In Movies)

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The “sequel” to my last video about violence not needing to be the solution to modern day political disputes. In fiction? Yeah, go all out.

Violence is How We Solve Things Now

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The Berkeley Riots happened and some people COUGHSARAHSILVERMANCOUGH think it’s okay because “NAZI.”