MBTI: Why Do People Always Want to be INTJ/INFJ?

Title, kiddos.

2 Responses to “MBTI: Why Do People Always Want to be INTJ/INFJ?”

  1. I took the test before I read up on the types and I have come to terms with being an INTJ but like you said it’s not something I would wish on people, especially as a female INTJ. I usually go about my day and at the end of it I’ll have my daily thought of why am I like this? Of course then I answer myself with because people are stupid. It’s almost annoying being self aware now that I know about MBTI. I’ve tried to change my habits but sometimes I really just don’t mind it. It’s a conundrum.

  2. Teden Says:

    I’ve encountered this problem a lot. I’m an INFJ and the reason I know that is because I have an INFJs problems. We are really bad at life in a practical sense. And the deer in the headlights thing is an issue. Having a bunch of other types(often INFPs) write about their experiences under the guise of being an INFJ is really frustrating when one is trying to learn about the issues faced by INFJs.

    I’ve often felt like typing a person based on their flaws would limit the annoying levels of projection. Yes INFJs are insightful, creative, and generally caring deep people. We are also manipulative and vindictive when hurt or threatened, and neurotic perfectionists with severe body image issues, and usually suffer from anxiety or depression at some point in our lives. We can have a victim complex and we are just crap at day to day living. Rare doesn’t mean special it means fewer people understand you and you feel like an outsider.

    I’ve noticed you often mention the INFJ clamming up thing. And while it’s true I wonder if it’s more apparent to you because you are an ENTP. I’m married to an INTP and Ne can have that affect on us. Makes us feel a bit railroaded and speechless. I doubt for example an ENFJ would have the same complaint of us they’re a bit like INFJ crack.

    …Candy coated fun crack.


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