Only People Who Identify as Women Should Watch This

The Alamo Drafthouse (A theater in Texas [USA]) is holding a screening of ‘Wonder Woman’ JUST FOR WOMEN. And also for people who identify as women. How this is to be enforced, I don’t think anyone knows.

2 Responses to “Only People Who Identify as Women Should Watch This”

  1. Why are dudes so triggered over this – it’s basically a ladies night in one theatre that is known for doing stuff like this. If you want to pretend to be a transgender woman just to disrupt such an event, that’s a pretty sad ass life you must lead.

    • Taylor Says:

      That’s the joke dude. You wouldn’t even need to pretend anything, you just go in there and say you’re a woman if you were to be asked at all…which you wouldn’t be because they wouldn’t “assume your gender.”

      It’s like if I tell you that the only rule in my house is that there are no rules. It makes no sense. I don’t really care what they do, personally but I get why it’s a point of conversation all the same.

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