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5 Movies/Scenes That Disturbed My Childhood

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Happy Halloween, I’m damaged!

My Unpopular Comedy Choices

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I recently watched Vacation, the sequel/remake to...National Lampoon’s Vacation. I didn’t like it. I can count on one hand the number of times I laughed out loud. If you’re sitting there for a whopping 90 minutes, you should be laughing at more than four moments in the movie.

And after reviewing Spy and deciding that Comedy movies aren’t movies I think I want to review anymore, I’m just gonna give a short list of Comedy films that I love that make most people say “Oh, you actually like that movie?” if they know what I’m talking about at all. Continue reading


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This is it. I’m doing it. Don’t try and stop me.

While I sit here typing with Man of Steel in the background, I have to think through all the guys that didn’t make this list. Surely a character like Superman would have, right? His strength, speed, and abilities are immeasurable and he fits to a point because, hey, he’s in a movie, so he counts right?


Click here to see what puts these movie guys on the list and who made it. Continue reading

The Nice Touches of Breaking Bad

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Breaking Bad is full of huge moments. The start of it all, the first death, the one liners; it’s what makes Breaking Bad so good.

But there are also the times that only seem to matter at the time you’re watching it and then it becomes forgotten in lieu of such scenes as “Say my name.” It’s understandable.

So what we’re talking about are the artistic details that may as well have not been in the show, but were there anyway. And we’re better off for it, as far as the show is concerned. While everything in any good story should be

But it’s moments like the following that make it personally, one of the greatest shows of all time. Don’t expect me to get’em all. There’s just too many. Continue reading

The Top 5 Worst Movies of 2014

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It’s almost too easy to be negative so this short list wasn’t going to happen. But I mean…c’mon. There were some bad movies out last year and some of them didn’t get the respect they deserved. Some were so bad, I just didn’t even review’em because it would have wasted your time and mine.

But now it’s time to given them proper credit. Also, I’m putting the trailers up because a few of the following will be things people have no doubt forgotten about. Continue reading

My TOP 5 Movies of 2014

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I wasn’t going to put one of these up seeing as how we’re halfway into the first month of 2015, but the Oscars aren’t even on until next month, right? So who cares?

Unlike the past couple years, there were a lot of great films to come out this year. And if they weren’t great, they were entertaining at the very least and that’s more than I can say for the years prior. My Top 5 of 2012 was more of a collection of films that I thought were just better than the others, but didn’t really blow me away.

2014, however, was the balls.

Continue reading

The Top 5 Worst X-Men (Ever)

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We’ve all wondered what it would be like to have superpowers. Some guys turn these daydreams into careers and then many of them turn out like I am. But that’s a different story.

One of the greatest reasons to ever have superpowers, to just be born with them, has some positives and some drawbacks, as X-Men has shown us. While some guys are born with claws and a healing factor, some are born as actual freaks. Like Squid-boy. Yes, that’s a real character.

And though the Top Five Greatest X-Men of all time would be quite a list (That you could probably guess off the top of your head), the worst is something to behold in its own right. Losers even among losers! Continue reading