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You Gotta See This: Only God Forgives

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Stars: Ryan Gosling, Kristin Scott Thomas, Vithaya Pansringarm

Rated R for strong bloody violence including grisly images, sexual content and language , Running time 90 minutes, 2013, Crime/Drama/Thriller

Compare to: The American (2010), I Saw The Devil (2010)

Now, I use this title with caution. Most of the movies in this category are things that you may have to jump a mental hurdle or two to get out of what may be your normal movie-watching headspace; if you do that, you should love just about everything on this list. Continue reading

You Gotta See This: I Saw the Devil

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Stars: Byung-Hun Lee, Choi Min-sik

Not rated although the language, gore and violence is present throughout, Running Time- 141 minutes, 2010, Horror/Drama/Thriller

Compare to: Se7en (1995), Oldboy (2003), Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

Seeing as how this week already has a few posts that are unlike what I’ve been doing on the site lately, I figured I’d throw one more in that’s Horror related, more or less. In fact, given the subject matter and the way it’s handled, the scenes and actions in Devil could be considered that much worse.

It’s not rubber monsters and masked men to fear in this, it’s just a single man and his obsession with preying on women all on their lonesome: a fear that almost as horrific for the loved ones as it is the actual victim. Continue reading

Samurai Cop is the Greatest Movie of All Time

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You may think I’m joking but I’m not. If The Room plays the role of the stupid bully in class who eats glue, Samurai Cop is his annoying little brother who you still wouldn’t mind hanging out with if you had to.

It’s editing is shoddy, it’s acting is among the worst I’ve ever seen, and the point of it all is nowhere to be found. It may have showed up on a milk carton sometime in the early nineties to which all other filmmakers where saying “At least it’s not my movie.”

Also, it’s degrading to women in ways that are not so subtle. In fact, this movie is a baseball bat to subtlety’s face. Let’s dig in! Continue reading

You Gotta See This: Riki-Oh- The Story of Riki

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You know it’s so popular these days to mention “EPIC” in anything you talk about that’s supposed to be cool? How popular Chuck Norris “facts” have been? How pictures like the one below don’t really have or need an explanation anymore?

We live in a weird age where it’s as though somebody just thought “There really is nothing cool out there anymore. Unless I just MASH everything together!” And that’s pretty much how a movie like The Expendables ever got made.

But is there a part of you that’s sick of it? You feel the word “epic” is used too much that it belittles the true meaning of it all? Do you still agree that ninjas are cool, robots are awesome, but dang it, just go away for now and come back with something new? I do. So while I don’t have something “new,” per se, I do have something truly epic. What I have to tell you about is Riki-Oh: The Story of Riki. Continue reading

You Gotta See This: Let’s Go to Prison

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Stars: Will Arnett, Dax Shepard, Chi McBride, Bob Odenkirk

Rated R for language, sexual content, some violence and drug material, 2006, Comedy

Compare to: Half Baked (1998), Due Date (2010)

Since I haven’t done a You Gotta See This in a while, I figured I’d let out (hehe). Not to mention, Ice Age: Continental Drift is the only thing that comes out tomorrow, and while it doesn’t look terrible, frankly, I just don’t care to review it. If you wanted to see it, check it out. If it looks terrible to you, chances are, you’ll find it terrible. That could easily sum up almost every movie ever reviewed on here, thereby defeating the purpose of this site, yet… I persist. Not every movie can be Warrior.

This post’s movie is Let’s Go to Prison and is unique in that it ain’t the cinematic gem I might normally promote a YGST as. It is very crude, very crass, and pretty much stupid. I just have a heck of a time watching it. Prison comedies just don’t speak to everyone understandably, and while I don’t necessarily care to relate to anything that happens in this movie, watching it happen to others just brings a smile to my face. Continue reading

You Gotta See This: Troll 2

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The above never actually happens in the movie. I don’t even think the color blue is at all present.

Stars: Michael Stephenson, Margo Prey

Rated PG-13 for ? , 1990, Horror/Comedy/Low Budget

Compare to: Critters (1986), Leprechaun (1993)

Y’know, I feel bad sometimes about the stuff  I post on here. Not so much “bad” really, as I much as I think people might get the impression that I hate just about everything. “4 Things Not to Do,” “This Movie Suuucks,” the review for “That’s My Boy…” So I like to think of doing “You Gotta See This” as sort of like drinking a lot of water after having only eaten junk for a while. That’s why I’m happy to bring you…Troll 2. Continue reading

You Gotta See This: Warrior

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Stars: Nick Nolte, Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy, Frank Grillo

Rated PG-13 for sequences of intense mixed martial arts fighting, some language and thematic material, 2011, Action/Drama

Compare to: Rocky (1976), Fighter (2010)

This article should conclude my posts of “Awesome Movies from Last Year that made no Money.” The previous post being here. Two very different movies with no relation to each other aside from the facts that I just covered above. They made no money and I loved them both. Surprisingly, a lot of people hadn’t heard of Warrior (2011) although a lot of people knew of The Fighter (2010). I would’ve figured Warrior to do better with its PG-13 rating, but nope. Both are great movies about underdogs in the competitve fighting world, also involving strained families and the difficulty of achieving your career goal when your own family is enough of a problem already. Continue reading