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Zombie Soundtrack #2: Marcus

Posted in Zombie Soundtracks with tags , , , on 04/21/2012 by McCutcheon

Right off, how can you go wrong with Motorhead on your zombie soundtrack? The answer is that you can’t. It’s perfect.. It’s like peanut butter and jelly, or Channing Tatum and terrible acting; they just GO TOGETHER. I find Eels to be a funny choice especially for the particular theme of a zombie uprising, but it’s easy to imagine the slowed down, happy-go-lucky feeling as zombies tear through an overly colorful, Edward Scissorhands-style suburbia. -T

If you want to submit your own, read this

1. Dream Academy – Life in a Northern Town

2. Eels – Beloved Monster

3. Gheorghe Zamfir – Lonely Shephard

4. Motorhead – Ace of Spades

5. Union Underground – Turn me on Mr. Deadman
6. Iron Maiden – Wicker Man

7. ES Posthumus – Nara

8. Enigma – Silent Warrior

9. Delerium – Run for It (radio version)

Zombie Soundtrack #1: Walt

Posted in Zombie Soundtracks with tags , , on 04/07/2012 by McCutcheon

I like this list. It wasn’t enough for him to put the songs up, but a short reasoning as well. I can dig it. Helter Skelter is a nice choice for a zombie takeover, and he’s got Deftones so I can’t not appreciate that. Give this man a hand, he also threw in some Journey. If you want to submit your own, read this. -T

Walt: I’m only using songs from my ITunes (1299 songs, not bragging or anything). So here we go.

1.  The Allman Brothers Band- Blue Sky. Going back to my roots with this one something relaxing and blissful. Good times with that special someone.

2. The Beatles- Helter Skelter. When I imagine this part, scenes from 28 week later come to mind of mindless monsters running through the streets tearing people apart. Snipers killing zombies by the bushel and not making a dent in the crisis. Its chaos, madness, terrifying.

3. Pink Floyd- Run Like Hell. I think the title speaks for itself.

4. Deftones- 7 Words. This song amps me up like no other, just what someone needs when there about to bash in zombie brains.

5. Van Halen- Panama. Because at this point you need the fun beating mindless creatures to death song.

6. Trivium- Pull Harder On the Strings of Your Martyr. Just a good song when you’re putting boot to @$$.

7. Ugly Casanova- Maybe We’re Lost. So at this point all the killing has proven to be useless, we just can’t win. We lost loved ones, and have scene horrible things. Where do we go from here?

8. Journey- Separate Ways. Alright time to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and prepare for the final battle. Do we win, lose, get torn into a million pieces? Who cares this song in AWESOME!

9. The Offspring- Gone Away. Just a good song that I think sums up the whole story.

So that’s my list. Yes some of these are cheesy, but what can I say cheesy movies are one of my guilty pleasures.

Zombie Soundtrack #0

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*Matthew McConaughey voice* Alright, alright, alright, here’s my list for a perfect Zombie Apocalypse soundtrack. Got several more in that are looking pretty good but as of right now, here’s mine to start us off. If you’re confuse about the parenthesis, check out the post underneath. We’ve got THEMES here, people, let’s try to retain some order!

1.  Queens of the Stone Age- Everybody Knows that You’re Insane (All is Well)

2. A Perfect Circle- Annhilation (Terror Rising)

3. The Gaslight Anthem- Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (What Happens Now?)

4. Nico Vega- A Million Years (Kill)

5. Deftones- Elite (Kill)

6. The Bronx- Kill My Friends (Kill)

7. City and Colour- What Makes a Man? (All is Lost)

8. Hot Water Music- We’ll Say Anything We Want (Regroup)

9. Murder By Death- Spring Break 1899 (Here’s to the Future)

Zombie Soundtrack

Posted in Zombie Soundtracks with tags , , on 03/31/2012 by McCutcheon

In the spirit of zombies, I’ve put together a zombie soundtrack for my story. Specifically, a list of songs I was listening to at different times when writing The Dead and the Dying, but before I post mine, I’ve set up a number of themes that are highly applicable to the Zombie Apocalypse scenario. Below is a short list of themes for you to pick songs you feel are appropriate to the mood, followed by an explanation. Pick your list, and email them to me. Fill out all the numbers with at least one answer if you want to see them up here.

1. All is Well– This is the beginning of the story, when your life is at it’s most normal, before the outbreak.

2. Terror Rising– The Outbreak is here! How do you feel about it? Scared? Frantic? …Happy?

3. What Happens Now?– What’s your plan? Do you sit at home and strategize? Do you immediately make a break for it? Do you go the cowards way out? Decisions, decisions…

4, 5, 6.  The Killing Begins!- Pick three tracks for this setting. This is you doing what you’ve always wanted to do should a Zombie Apocalypse break out- Kill people without having to feel bad about it! Do you go into a dream-like state or a beserker rage like Wolverine? Pick what reflects you in action. For every 12 soundtracks posted, a winner will be voted on and get a prize. Prizes? OOH YEEAH!

7. All is Lost– A literary term to define exactly what you feel at this moment when all is, in fact, lost. Sad, depressing, blahblahblah…

8. You and Yours– Regroup! It’s fight or flight! Get your survivors and get out of here! Escape!

9. Here’s to the Future– A song to go out on. Are you dead? Dying? Zombified? Alive and reflective? Hopeful? This is the song to show it.

Responses will start being posted in the next few days. Send to