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MBTI: The Groups as a Body

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I can’t say I’m a fan of the different sites that are intent on relating different MBTI types to inanimate objects, or what state each would be. While I’ve got certain articles that are definitely reaching, I’d like to think most of the information I present clarifies what’s already been put forward, and does so in an entertaining, understandable, and informative way.

That being said, instead of relating the different groups to toasters or Wyoming, here’s one way to explain to your friends that just “have to know” about MBTI how the types differ by group. Associating different terms will be easier to remember when they’re paired with something you’re already familiar with. There’s not much to this, but that’s part of the point.

So here are the parts of the body that best fit each group, based on that part of the body’s function to the rest of it, as the groups and their role in society. Continue reading

The Golden Globes: What Was and What Should’ve Been

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Written by Bryce Waller

I always have to argue with myself over whether or not to watch award shows honoring performances in film/television. I argued with myself for a good five minutes last night around 6:55p.m. (central time zone)about whether I should watch the Golden Globes.

I have so many things I would/could be doing during that time: Netflix, Chuck Palahniuk book, my wife, etc… but I ultimately decided to watch the Golden Globes. Continue reading