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It Took Me 25 Years to Realize Spider-Man is the Greatest Superhero

Posted in Whatever with tags , , , , on 06/27/2012 by McCutcheon

What a title, I know. Though it is the truth. Spider-Man has been around for fifty years but I’m just now getting to this cold, hard truth that will be put into my children’s heads for many years to come. “Don’t be like daddy, Timmy. Be like Spider-Man. GOT IT?” He better, or it’s the basement for him. But enough about Timmy, he’s an idiot.

Let’s get down to brass tax, gentlemen. Spider-Man has been everywhere, from comics to TV, toys to movies, he’s all over the place. People have him tattooed on their bodies. In fact, these days, they even print “The World’s Greatest Superhero” underneath his title on the actual comic.

With another movie of his coming out in just over a week, it felt time to really spell out the reasons why Superman can’t compare. Not to mention, I feel the need to post something while simultaneously having no ideas and barely any time. Not to mention, I have an overabundance of comic book knowledge yet nothing to use it for.

Except this article. Continue reading

Great Spiderman Villains We’ll Probably Never See in the Movies

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When I first heard who the villain was for the new Spiderman movie, I thought, “Cool. As long as it’s not Topher Grace.” When it turned out to be the Lizard, I was surprised they didn’t attempt to keep the villains completely grounded and human like they did for the original trilogy, save for the third one. It’s easy to imagine Spiderman onscreen battling any one of his biggest foes; Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Venom… because we’ve already seen it.

Even The Lizard had his place in the previous Sam Raimi trilogy due to the fact that Dylan Baker had already been portraying The Lizard’s alter-ego, Curt Connors, in the last two sequels. But what about the myriad of other Spiderman villains? For some, Spiderman is the only superhero whose villains are second only to Batman. The reason is that they’re just awesome, but what are the chances of seeing some of his more fun, less emotionally attached antagonists?

For the new film (and whatever sequels), who knows? Sam Raimi’s trilogy only seemed interested in villains Spiderman already knew. If he didn’t know them in the comic, they still changed things around to where he did in the movie.

So how about villains that just show up to rob a bank? Where are those guys? The ones who simply want money and then revenge for Spiderman having beat them to pulp? Evidently revenge isn’t a good enough motive, or at least, hasn’t been for Hollywood’s version of Spiderman. Here are a couple of favorites that don’t necessarily have a prior relationship to Spiderman, therefore don’t expect to see them in any sequels unless Hollywood decides to turn Rhino into Peter Parker’s illegitimate son or something. Continue reading