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MBTI: Where to Spot Your Type in Film- Artisans (SP)

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A while back we did an article on where SJs would be able to find their types in film. As in reality, they’re often the characters that call the shots, tell you how things can or can’t be done and give the protagonist all the rules so when they’re broken, you can see how amazing that protagonist really is.

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MBTI: ….and the Movies, Part II

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Ever get annoyed when you love a movie so much, but when you talk to a friend about it, they not only hated it, but they think you’re weird for liking it? They might not have even seen it, but they can’t stand “those types of movies.”

Little frustrating, isn’t it?

Well, allow me to help you out. When you type what a person is, this may give you a better idea of that person’s taste in movies.

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MBTI: Tuco (The Ugly) -ESTP

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Classic ESTP, the original “Persuader.” The three title characters in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly memorable but there’s one addition that particularly stands out to audiences and a younger version of yours truly, and that’s Tuco Benedicto Pacífico Juan María Ramírez, also known as “The Ugly” as far as the title is concerned.

Quick with a gun and with his mouth, Tuco inspired many a filmmaker for years to come and being that this is the only film that features the character and that Quentin Tarantino has repeatedly cited it a his favorite film of all time, you can bet that many of the clever, violent, and overall fun characters appearing in Tarantino films wouldn’t have existed if not for “The Rat.” Continue reading