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MBTI: Casey Jones- ESTP

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We all know the ESTP and it’s safe to say they’re most competitive type overall. It’s also safe to say that since they’re dominant Se users, the future takes a backseat to whatever feels the most interesting at the moment.

But that’s not all their is to this type, is it? Sports n’ stuff? Well, that’s not all, no, but the approach the ESTP takes to competition of any realm is an especially notable in how serious they take it. One could even say that they make jockery an art. Casey Jones is the perfect example to use for this, not only because he’s a TMNT character, but look at him. He’s covered in sports. Continue reading

MBTI: Type You’d Most Wanna…SP and NT

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Aaaand here’s the second part. We know about the SJs and the NFs, so here are the SPs and the NTs. Continue reading

MBTI: The Wizard of OZ

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Hopefully you’re familiar with Keirsey and the absolutely bangin’ work he’d done over the course of his 91-year life. Keirsey passed away last July but isn’t that normally when a person’s work really begins to become appreciated?

For all the character typing we’ve done, much of the research goes back to Keirsey as well as the idea for typing characters in the first place. And who did Keirsey use as model for his different groups? The Wizard of OZ of course. Each of the core characters played a specific part in the story much like each group (no matter who annoys you the most) plays an important role in society. Continue reading

MBTI: RocknRolla’s Wild Bunch

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Don’t tell me you forgot about this movie. Shame on you if you did. I’ve probably seen this Guy Ritchie movie more than any of his other films and it’s just tough to get sick of. A lot of interesting characters doing a lot of stupid things- all for our enjoyment.

But one of the best things about Guy Ritchie’s movies is that the characters are great examples of their types without being stereotypes. Though you’d really have to go with the smaller details of their personality seeing as how every single one of them are bad guys doing bad things. Continue reading